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Data Institute for Societal Challenges

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Data Institute for Societal Challenges

Our world is creating  massive amounts of data through cellphones, sensors, videos,  automation, and simulation. These data have enormous potential to transform our lives and help in solving our greatest societal challenges. DISC will create innovative advances in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-world applications. We will develop and grow convergent research teams focused on solutions for local to global challenges implementing foundational data science and data-enabled research. To learn more about DISC, click here to view our Strategic Plan.


Empower transdisciplinary research and collaboration to drive convergent solutions to societal challenges in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world through data science research, tools and capabilities.  


University of Oklahoma is a nationally recognized leader for data science research and data-driven solutions to societal challenges.  


  • Collaboration - Together, we are more effective in solving challenges.   
  • Innovation – Create new techniques, tools and data-enabled solutions to positively impact our global community.  
  • Inclusiveness –Integrating diverse teams, education, research, and engagement with partners.   
  • Trust – Core to transdisciplinary team success, transition to societal impact, and sustainability.  
  • Empowerment – Empower convergent research teams to solve societal challenges.  

Engagement Opportunities

Interested in Helping Form a USDA/NSF Trustable AI for Sustainable Agriculture Institute?    

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Are you interested in collaborating with DISC?

We offer the opprotunity to be listed as a DISC Affiliated Faculty Member or to join us as a DISC Member. Please see the DISC Membership tab for more details.