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Resident Bios

PGY-4 Residents

Clare Hinchey, DO

Medical School: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Kansas 

Family Life: Married with a daughter, two dogs and a horse

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, equestrian activities, cooking and baking

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN as well as a couple fellowships

Why I Chose This Program: Supportive and friendly residents & faculty, size of program, close to home  

Aleze Krumholz, MD

Medical School:  University of Oklahoma, School of Community Medicine

Undergraduate: Brandeis University

Family Life:  One younger sister who lives too far away and two wonderful parents in Norman, OK

Hobbies: Exploring Tulsa's restaurants and outdoor spaces, traveling and watching cooking shows

Professional Interests:  Family planning, pediatric gynecology

Why I Chose This Program: Going to OU for medical school, I knew I would get a great education and graduate as a confident and competent surgeon and clinician

Jillian Marie Lundie, MD 

Medical School: University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma

Family Life: Three nieces, one nephew, and soon-to-be a cat 

Hobbies: Yoga, Bouldering, Embroidery, Reading, Superhero Films, Makeup and Skincare

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN and Academic Medicine

Why I Chose This Program: Excellent experience as a medical student, location at an academic center with a community focus, ability to work with some incredible attending physicians

Camille Meehan, DO

Medical School: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: Rogers State University

Family Life: Peurto Rican made. Married to my partner in crime, David. Currently raising a feisty chocolate lab puppy named Stella

Hobbies: I love dancing, reading suspenseful novels, spending time with friends and family, shopping, exploring the outdoors with my husband and pup and watching New Girl on replay

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN

Why I Chose This Program: I absolutely loved my time spent with the residents and faculty during my Sub-I and interview day. I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and quickly felt that it would make a great fit for me. This program is also close to home, so I get to be near my family!

PGY-3 Residents

Cristina Carbia, DO

Medical School: Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: Illinois State University

Family Life: Married with 2 kids and 3 dogs

Hobbies: Music, education, cooking, gardening and crafts

Favorite Things About Tulsa: Love that Tulsa has 4 full seasons a year, parks to enjoy and friendly people to meet

Why I Chose This Program: Small program with many Spanish speaking patients

Kelsey LeMay, DO

Medical School: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: East Central University

Family Life: Married to Blake, proud mom of Ellis and 2 fur babies

Hobbies: Spending time with family, walking my dogs and baking

Favorite Things About Tulsa: Great restaurants, lots of fun things to do outdoors and nice weather

Why I Chose This Program: Small program size, residents and faculty were welcoming and truly enjoy teaching

Tyler Lloyd, MD

Medical School: University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center

Undergraduate: Southern Nazarene University

Family Life: Married to Josie with two children

Hobbies: Running, yoga and snowboarding

Favorite Things About Tulsa: Music and coffee scene

Why I Chose This Program: Small program size with ability to forge lasting professional relationships while learning in a personalized manner

PGY-2 Residents

Daniel Bond, DO

Medical School: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Central Oklahoma

Family Life: Married to Shelbi (Pediatrics resident) and son Callum

Hobbies: Staying active, spending time outdoors and hanging out with my family including my two dogs (Jagger & Jovi).

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN with a possibility of pursuing a fellowship

Why I choose this program: I instantly felt at home amongst the residents and faculty during my interview day. The smaller residency size allows for more one on one opportunities. Lastly, my wife and I really enjoy living in Tulsa and hope to practice here in the future.

PGY-1 Residents

Kimberly Gillens, MD

Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia, SC

Undergraduate: The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL #RollTide

Family Life: Brand new dog mom to Aaliyah Grace.

Hobbies: Painting, crafting, writing, buying new eyeglasses (I'm up to 7 pairs), watching movies (especially anything Marvel) and collecting Mickey Mouse memorabilia

Professional Interests: Combating African American maternal mortality and diversifying the medical field

I choose this program: Although I'd never been to Tulsa prior to interview day, I instantly felt home when I arrived. In addition, the staff and residents seemed genuinely interested in who I was as a person, not just a future co-resident. I just knew this is where I belonged. 

McKenzie Jackson, MD

Medical School: University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Undergraduate Degree: Biology with a minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies 

Family Life: Married to my sweetheart Dan with our spoiled American Eskimo dog, Winter. 

Hobbies: Training classes with Winter, hiking with my hubby, long walks with doggo, cooking anything with cilantro, Pop Pilates, gardening, binging Forensic Files on Netflix and spending time on the lakes of Minnesota with family

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN but I am open to exploring fellowship options! 

I Choose this program because: I was inspired in medical school by an attending who trained here and instantly felt like family on interview day! It was important for me in my program to feel truly like a family member and not just another resident. We felt warmly welcomed on interview day, match day and during our first experience in Tulsa. I knew it was where I belonged, and I was going to be trained well by wonderful and kind people! 

Wilfredo Lopez, MD, MS 

Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Undergraduate: University of Nebraska at Kearney

Family Life: Born and raised in Nebraska. I live in Tulsa with my partner Brent and our two dogs, Bella and Jack. Bella is a Shiba Inu and Jack is a redbone coonhound. 

Hobbies: I am an avid foodie! Brent and I are excited to be able to explore the food scene in Tulsa. Also, I love spending time with my friends and family, lifting weights, playing with the dogs, and traveling! 

Professional Interests: General OBGYN and academic medicine, but open to fellowship! I'm also interested in LGBTQ+ care and working with Latino and underrepresented minorities and addressing healthcare disparities. 

I Choose this program because: I personally have never been to Oklahoma or Tulsa. However, during interview day I got that gut feeling that I would fit in perfectly here. The residents were happy and welcoming, the faculty were supportive, and the overall program felt like a close-knit family. 

Kristen Mussett, DO

Medical School: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate Degree: University of Oklahoma

Family Life: Proud parent of fur babies with my husband. We have two dogs and two cats.

Hobbies: I love to knit and go for runs with my doggo, Odin. My husband and I love watching movies and playing board games together.

Professional Interests: General OB/GYN

I choose this program: During my interview, I immediately felt at home and knew I would fit in here. I love that it is a close knit program with many opportunities for residents. 

Uzma Sandhu, MD

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry

Family Life: Engaged to be married to my fiance Waleed in May 2022 

Hobbies: I enjoy running, making (and eating) desserts, and hanging out at coffee shops. 

Processional Interests: General OBGYN

I Choose this program because: I like how the program has aspects of both academic and community OBGYN programs. I also liked the small class size and that all of the residents seemed to be very close!