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Introducing the WxEM Survey

April, 10 2024

Science Snapshots: Introducing the WxEM Survey


Introducing the WxEM (or Extreme Weather and Emergency Management) Survey, a new data collection tool developed by Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (IPPRA) scientists to organize and streamline social science studies of emergency manager interpretation of extreme weather risk information and disaster management procedures. The survey, which is issued about four times a year, collects data from the largest panel of emergency managers in the US. Each survey wave has a unique focus. Previous surveys have focused on emergency manager information use and sharing, the Storm Prediction Center’s convective outlook, and how managers respond to concurrent hazards.

The EM Survey is a collaborative platform, where social scientists can bring their research ideas to the EM Survey to help reduce the burden of survey requests that emergency managers face while also increasing the diversity of topics addressed. Further, the EM survey provides emergency managers the opportunity to provide feedback on potential 

Four cars driving on Lindsey St. in Norman, OK. The street is flooded and the street light is green. Overlaid on the photo are the logo for OU's Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis and the phrase "Science Snapshots".

new risk communication methods and enables a co-production process for new knowledge that was not previously possible!

In this episode of IPPRA’s Science Snapshot, Research Associates Anna Wanless, Sam Stormer, and David Hogg will walk through the development of IPPRA’s EM Survey and some early results from completed survey waves, while also detailing how emergency managers can apply to join the survey panel. IPPRA’s Science Snapshot video series is a new way to engage with the latest results from IPPRA studies, presented by IPPRA team members working on the wicked problems facing us today! These short video documentaries will introduce new knowledge, innovative products, and key recommendations pulled directly from our cross-disciplinary projects and peer-reviewed research papers, in an easily accessible format for a wide range of professionals and practitioners. We see the Science Snapshot as a way to help our partners, as well as citizen scientists, immediately engage with our research findings!


Watch the full video HERE.