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Sooner Stories

Sooner Stories

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

From OU's School of Visual Arts to Choctaw Nation's installation walls, learn how Antonia Belindo creates art inspired by heritage

Before Antonia Belindo, a Kiowa artist and OU's American Indian Programs & Services Coordinator, stepped foot on the University of Oklahoma’s campus, her future was already cemented by the legacy left at OU by her late grandfather... Continue reading Antonia's story

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

Q&A with OU Coordinator of Native American Student Recruitment Cassandra Cline

Meet Cassandra, an admissions counselor whose efforts are enriching the lives of Native American students at OU... Continue reading Cassandra's Q&A

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

Q&A with Jolie Morgan and Necole Begay

Meet two OU juniors who are working to positively impact their Native American communities on and off campus... Continue reading Jolie's and Morgan's Q&As

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

How OU student Andrew Jacob helped record a movie score

Through a fellowship at OKC’s music production company Onyx Lane, Andrew helped record a score for the 2021 fantasy movie, Iké Boys... Continue reading Andrew's story


Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

The Little Box of Big News: How it's made

Have you ever wondered how the Little Box of Big News makes it to the doorsteps of OU's prospective students? Continue reading how the admissions box is created

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

Explore OU's non-flying aviation program

When Caylin Cannady discovered the OU Aviation Program, their close-by facilities, and the tight-knit student and faculty community, her college search ended and her OU story began... Continue reading Caylin's story


Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

Q&A with First-Generation OU Student Baley Wells

Learn more about the first-gen OU experience through a Q&A with Baley Wells, a first-generation college OU graduate and current OU grad student... Continue reading Baley's story

Jackie Simmons and 2 friends

How Jackie Simmons found her home at OU

Watch how Jackie Simmons, a sophomore acting major in the OU School of Drama, found her community, purpose, and home at OU... Continue reading Jackie's story

OU Graduation Ceremony

Alumni Letters

Read letters to future Sooners from OU alumni about how the University of Oklahoma impacted their lives and what they are each doing now. Read Letters

Mr. and Miss Hispanic OU 2021 Q&A

Miss & Mr. Hispanic OU

Read why two Latinx students, Dylan Yahir-Ruiz and Adriana Gonzalez-Vega, were crowned Mr. and Miss Hispanic OU for 2021 and how their platforms will serve the next generation of OU Latinx students... Continue reading "Q&A with Mr. and Miss Hispanic OU 2021"

Dr. Daniel Resasco and his students

Meet Dr. Daniel Resasco!

Take a closer look into the STEM world, the Latinx community, and what you can accomplish at OU with chemical engineering professor, Dr. Resasco... Continue reading "Meet Dr. Daniel Resasco!"

Map of the internships from the starting point of OU

Kickstarting Careers: A summer of interning

Learn how three Latinx students changed the trajectory of their careers by completing internships at banking firm Goldman Sachs, Duit Holdings, Inc., and engineering group Jacobs... Continue reading "Kickstarting Careers: A summer of interning"

2021 Graduation

Caps off to the OU Class of 2021

The University of Oklahoma family recently gathered in celebration, hosting in-person graduation ceremonies for not only the OU Class of 2021 but also those who completed their degrees in 2020. The first ceremony was held on May 14, and the festivities extended throughout the weekend. ... Continue reading "Caps off to the OU Class of 2021"

Physics Lab

Pushing the Frontiers

Groundbreaking research is happening across disciplines at the University of Oklahoma. This includes research about one of the smallest levels of matter: atoms. “We are in the business of learning how to precisely control the quantum state of single atoms in order to push the frontiers of quantum physics”... Continue reading "Pushing the Frontiers"

Paris Richardson

What's Your Why?

Why OU? What makes the university special to those who are a part of it? What resources and opportunities have students enjoyed? Why should you attend OU too? Watch the videos below featuring Paola Figueroa, Brian Phillips, Paris Richardson, and Lafonzo Spigner... Continue reading "What's Your Why?"

Tavana Farzaneh

2021 International Women's Day

For more than a century, International Women's Day has celebrated women around the globe, recognizing their social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Today and every day we recognize the incredible women from the University of Oklahoma community who are making... Continue reading "2021 International Women's Day"

McLaurin & Lewis Leadership Conference

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

For many students who have participated in the McLaurin & Lewis Leadership Conference, the experience played a key role in their decisions to attend the University of Oklahoma. Named for George McLaurin, the first African American student admitted to OU, and Sylvia A. Lewis, the... Continue reading "Developing Tomorrow's Leaders"

Russell Perkins

Advocate for Yourself

Russell Perkins admits that he thinks kids are a lot cooler, funnier, and more entertaining to talk to than adults. This is part of why the psychology, pre-med major plans to pursue a career in pediatrics after his May 2021 graduation from the University of Oklahoma. Perkins is currently applying to one-year... Continue reading "Advocate for Yourself"

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Building Connections and Community

Students at the University of Oklahoma have many avenues through which they can connect with peers and establish community. One such path is Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services, composed of 56 active chapters across five Greek councils. These councils include the... Continue reading "Building Connections and Community"

Students in the Fabrication Lab

Taking an Innovative Approach

When looking for people who have impacted Oklahoma during the COVID-19 pandemic, look no further than students who work in the Fabrication Lab at the OU Tom Love Innovation Hub. In March, Brandt Smith, director of the Fabrication Lab, and other OU employees joined a call with OU... Continue reading "Taking an Innovative Approach"

The Little Event

The Little Event Makes a Big Impact

Each spring, more than 6,000 University of Oklahoma students, faculty, staff, and alumni gather to volunteer through The Big Event. After the day of community service was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event’s committee pivoted to organize a smaller, socially... Continue reading "The Little Event Makes a Big Impact"

Doug Gaffin and students from his research lab

Why Students Are Researching Scorpions

Much like bees and ants find their way home after traveling long distances, scorpions possess a homing ability. Dr. Doug Gaffin is intrigued by one question: How do these animals find their way home? Gaffin first interacted with scorpions in about 1986, studying the animal while in... Continue reading "Why Students Are Researching Scorpions"

Miguel Chavez

Blazing a Trail

Students at the University of Oklahoma are empowered to pursue their passions, make a lasting difference, and create a legacy larger than themselves. Whether you engage in groundbreaking research, impactful internships, community service, global engagement, or any number of OU's other student life... Continue reading "Blazing a Trail"

Meredith Rasnic

Set Up for Success

At internships both locally and in the nation’s capital, Meredith Rasnic applied skills learned at the University of Oklahoma and also gained new ones that set her up for professional success. A May 2020 public relations graduate, Rasnic is from Norman, Oklahoma. The summer before her senior year... Continue reading "Set up for Success"

Jairo Montelongo

Paving Paths to Success

Alexander Anderson, Paola Figueroa, and Jairo Montelongo are all thriving at OU both in and out of the classroom, securing prestigious internships, making an impact through student organizations, and more. Keep reading to learn about these first-generation students' stories. Continue reading "Paving Paths to Success"

Caitlin Melgar

Miss Fiestas de las Americas

For the next year, OU senior Caitlin Melgar will represent Calle Dos Cinco, part of Oklahoma City’s historic Capitol Hill area, as the 2020-21 Miss Fiestas de las Americas. The Fiestas de las Americas Scholarship Pageant, which aired virtually on Oct. 3, featured contestants from... Continue reading "Miss Fiestas de las Americas"

Juan Cabrera

Meet Juan Cabrera

After spending two and a half years as a business major, Juan Cabrera realized his passion for working with young people. That, combined with his own experience where he saw some gaps and needs of working with students of color, led him toward an education degree and a career in higher education. Continue reading "Meet Juan Cabrera"

Jasmine Burrell

Q&As with Current OU Students

Seniors Brooklyn Wayland and Justin Norris and junior Jasmine Burrell recently answered questions about their OU experiences, including how OU has inspired them to make an impact, their favorite things about the university, what drew them to OU, and more. Continue reading "Q&As with Current OU Students"

Class Kick-Off

Kicking off a New Semester

The beginning of a new semester is always an exciting time at the University of Oklahoma! Crimson Welcome Week provided many virtual and some in-person opportunities for students to start building their communities at OU, including free screenings of movies on the South Oval, virtual... Continue reading "Kicking off a New Semester"

Irani Center

Major Internship Opportunities

Although many internships shifted into a virtual format, University of Oklahoma students still had the opportunity to gain new skills this past summer. Current OU students Kayla Gill, Jacob Moser, Laercio Filipe, and Haden Bollenbach shared about their recent internships and the experience... Continue reading "Major Internship Opportunities"

Karley Nadolski

Three Reasons to Consider OU

When you're deciding where to attend college, we know that you'll have many options. Three current OU students – Juliana Mejia, Joseph Pham, and Karley Nadolski – share three reasons why you should consider the University of Oklahoma, ranging from the community to extracurricular... Continue reading "Three Reasons to Consider OU"