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LGBTQ Ally is a three-hour training for participants to better understand the LGBTQ community’s unique needs. After attending training, allies work to educate others about LGBTQ issues, in the hope of reducing the prejudice often faced by LGBTQ people.  Some of the issues addressed in the three-hour LGBTQ Ally training are:

  • Understanding the impact of homophobia and heterosexism against LGBTQ people.
  • Examining one's personal values and perspectives towards the LGBTQ community.
  • Looking at coming out and the impact on individuals and families.
  • Locating LGBTQ resources in the Tulsa area.
  • How straight allies can reach out to and connect with LGBTQ people.

Sessions are offered once a semester.

To register, contact OU Tulsa Student Affairs at 918-660-3100.


Tulsa Allies

Rayshinda Anderson
Rebecca Arthur, College of Medicine, Medical Informatics
Julie Ashton
Robyn Ashunhurst
Jennifer Bartley
Braden Beller, Operations
Charlotte Berryhill, Human Resources
Amanda Bentley
Phyllis Bowen
Mitch Braden, Operations
Chris Brasel, College of Medicine, Family Medicine
Dianne Briscoe
Mandy Brumble, College of Medicine, OBGYN
Riley Buckley
William D. "W.D." Bullard
Monica Burke, Medical Informatics
Lisa Byers, Social Work
Sarah Caldwell, School of Community Medicine
Maisha Cazenave
Gayle Chamberlain
Heather Chancellor, CCTR
Yvonne Chappelone
Angie Childers, Operations
Scott Childers, Operations
Melody Cohran, National Resource for Youth Services
Brittany Cole, Human Resources
Breanna Cook
Elizabeth Cooper
Moncia Cooper, Human Relations
Lessa Cox
Lorri Craig, Medical Informatics
Antwione Crawford
Alyssa Crews
Josh Davis, Student Affairs
Sandra Dietz, Bedlam Clinic
Sarah Diggdon
Linda Desruisseau
Meghan Dodson
Alisa Dougless, College of Arts and Sciences
Mariann Duca, Internal Medicine
Kari Ernest, Enrollment and Student Financial Services
Taylor Eves
Shannon Fair, College of Outreach, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Zachery Ferguson
Leslie Foster, Social Work
Alison Fowler, Human Relations
Shelly Fowler, Academic Affairs
Lori Franklin, Social Work
Kaytie Fratzke
Elizabeth Fry, Sooner HAN, Medical Informatics
Imelda Galvez, ECEI
Stephanie Garrison
Jeanne Gillert
Stephanie Godinez
Barbara Graff, Sooner HAN, Medical Infomatics
Corey Green
John Greenert
Amanda Greene
Robin Gulick, Compliance
Kendra Guthrie, Enrollment & Student Financial Services
Andrea Hagar
Madison Hake
Jessie Hall
Hilary Hamilton, Medical Informatics
Sara Hardin
Heather Hasenmyer
Kirsten Havig, Social Work
Sheryl Hayes, Pediatrics
Amy Hendrix
Maya Hering, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Heather Hixson, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Cassie Holmes
Alice Hooper
Dori Howard, Library
Kristin Huber, Medical Informatics
Loren Hunt
Jenny Huston
Mary Isaacson, Rehab Services
Lauren Jackson
Julia Jernigan
Chantel Jeudy
Chad Johnson, Human Relations
Joe Johnson, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Allison Johnston, Medial Informatics
Brenda Lloyd-Jones, Human Relations
TeRessa Kaemmerling, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Tracy Kennedy, President's Office
Briana King
Jennifer Kisamore, Psychology
Ashleigh Laton
Lee Lawson, Student Affairs
Joshua Lee, OU Tulsa Police Department
Courtney Leonard
Felicia Lincoln
Abril Marshall, President's Office
Gena Massey, OU Physicians and Social Work
Noah McKinley
Lizette Merchon, College of Nursing
Brea Moore,  Physican's Assistant Program
Heath Mueller, Psychiatry
Karen Mulkey, College of Medicine, Dean's Office
Amanda Murphy, Public Affairs
Lindsay Myers, Student Affairs
Meg Myers Morgan, Political Science
Holly Neveu, Early Childhood Education Institute
Ana Newman, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Janine O Collier, Human Relations
Caroline Parker
Julia Parks, OU Tulsa Police Department
Thomas Pham
Mina Phillips, Medical Informatics
Aaron Pope, Schusterman Library
Katie Prentice, Schusterman Library
Laurie Pyle
Tricia Rahal, Human Resources
Ashley Rhoades
Corey Roberts
Angie Rogers, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Christian Rogers
Kim Little, Human Relations
Susan Rabinovitz
Kristin Rodriguez, Internal Medicine
Rachel Rycroft
Lindsey Sbanotto
Shawn Schaefer, College of Architecture
Eileen Schaumleffle
Casey Scraper
BreAnne Shine
Nicole Showalter
Sarah Sordahl
Danny Stout, Family Medicine
Desiree Smith
Michael Smith, College of Pharmacy
Skyla Stewart, IT
Amy Thompson
Shelley Thompson, Medical Informatics
Liz Tomichen
Monica (Jenny) Tschinhart, OB/GYN
Denise Vega, Early Childhood Education Institute
Pramode Verma, Engineering, ECE (Telecom)
Samantha Wade
Adrian Walker
Rose Watts
Marianna Wetherill, College of Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences
Rondale Wilson
Nathan White
Janelle Whitt, Family Medicine and Community Health
Alicia M. Williams, School of Community Medicine, Medical Informatics
Lisa Williams, Academic Affairs
Leticia Worsham, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Maryann Wright, Pediatrics
Melody J. Yozzo, Physician Assistant Program