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Resident Salary & Benefits

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Resident Salary and Benefits

Resident salaries are based on the year of postgraduate medical education involved. Any resident who has to repeat all or part of a year, or who is delayed from moving to the next year for any reason, does not move to the next salary grade until being promoted to the next PG year.

2024-2025 Resident Salaries

  • PGY-1  $61,174
  • PGY-2  $63,686
  • PGY-3  $66,221
  • PGY-4  $69,299
  • PGY-5  $72,941
  • PGY-6  $75,721
  • PGY-7  $78,521
  • PGY-8  $83,759

Resident Leave

  • Annual Leave: Residents are provided 15 week days (M-F) of annual leave per year.
  • Professional Leave: Residents are encouraged to attend professional meetings.
  • Sick Leave: Residents earn a maximum of 15 days (M-F) of paid sick leave per year.


  • Comfortable call rooms and meals provided for residents on call.
  • New lab coats provided at intervals throughout residency training. 
  • University of Oklahoma athletic and other event tickets at student prices.


Professional liability coverage: Residents are provided with $100,000/300,000 Comprehensive Professional Liability coverage during the performance of contractual duties until completion or termination of the residency training.

The University offers a rich and flexible menu of insurance options to meet your needs like medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, FSAs, accidental dismemberment & death, life insurance, long and short term disability. For more information on benefits, please visit the Human Resources page.

The University of Oklahoma provides leave in accordance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 designed to enable employees to balance their work responsibilities with the demads of caring for family members or in the event of serious personal illness or injury.