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CAMP-Career Advising and Mentor Program

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Career Advising and Match Program (CAMP)

The CAMP program assist students throughout all four years of medical school providing programs and support to help students succeed while in medical school and beyond.  There is a specific emphasis on helping students to succeed in the medical career best suited for them. The program has three major components.  Mentorship, Career Workshops and Events, and utilization of the AAMC Careers in Medicine and other available resources   

Mentor Program

Each student is assigned a physician faculty mentor at the beginning of their MS1 year.  Students are placed in mentoring groups of 3-5 and meet with their mentors as a group and also as individuals throughout the MS1 and MS2 years.  

At the beginning of the MS3 year, students are assigned an attending at the Bedlam Longitudinal Clinic who also serves as their faculty mentor for MS3 and MS4 year.  Students work with their attending/mentor twice a month at the clinic, and mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss career choices.  

All students are encouraged to find a physician in their field of choice to help guide them through the residency application process.  Upon request, the Office of Student Services can assign students to an additional career specific mentor.  

SCM Career Specific Advisors

•Emergency Medicine – Julie Dodson

•Family Medicine – Jason Deck

•Internal Medicine – Oliver Cerqueira

•OB/GYN – Monica Henning

•Pediatrics – Matt Tandy

•Psychiatry – Tessa Manning

•General Surgery –Peter Nelson

•OKC mentors– we can help you connect 

Career Workshops and Events

Multiple workshops and career events are held at the SCM for students at different levels.  The MS3 class has several mandatory workshops integrated into the monthly student academy.  A few examples of events and workskhops are listed below.  

  • MS2 USMLE preparation workshop
  • MS3 Match preparation workshop- 2 parts 
  • MS3 meeting on electives
  • MS3 Post Match Day, Panel of MS4s
  • MS4 Residency Training Director panel

AAMC Careers in Medicine and other Resources

  • AAMC Careers in Medicine offers help with choosing a medical specialty based on your attributes, competitiveness, unique characteristics, and experiences.
  • Interest Groups are a great way to find out more about different options for yoru medical career.  You can get involved in interest group on the Tulsa campus and/or the OKC campus.  
  • MS1 and MS2 students are encouraged to shadow in fields they are interested in.  
  • Check out the Guide to the Match website maintained by SCM Student Services.  
  • Connect with SCM grads who have matched in specialities you are interested in.  Contact Student Services to get started.