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The Research Statistics and Analysis Group gathers, analyzes, and disseminates quantitative and qualitative information to support the research and creative endeavors of Norman and Tulsa campus faculty and staff.


  • To report the status of the research enterprise regularly and accurately
  • To gauge fairly the comparative position of the research enterprise
  • To characterize the research enterprise with reliable and objective data and analyses that aid institutional decision-making and planning
  • To illustrate the educational, scholarly, technological, economic, cultural, humanitarian, and civic impacts of the research enterprise
  • To make recommendations on strategic actions that maximize the opportunity for success in research and creative activity


  • Produce a yearly dashboard of metrics that presents a comprehensive view of success in research and creative activity
  • Assess and promote the qualitative accomplishments of the research enterprise through curation of Research Fast Facts, Community Impact Report research material, and other means
  • Investigate research enterprise issues and questions through the collection and analysis of data
  • Collaborate on campus-wide projects involving research data with attention to avoiding duplication of efforts
  • Fulfill internal and external information requests
  • Engage in campus efforts to improve the delivery of data and information to university and external consumers
  • Advance the measurement of research success, both independently and with the assistance of university and external resources

Statistics Help

For research statistics assistance, contact Meghan Bomgaars at 405-325-5202 or