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Amy McGovern Named Editor in Chief for New AI-Focused Journal

August 13, 2021

Amy McGovern Named Editor-in-Chief for New AI-Focused Journal

Amy McGovern
Amy McGovern

The American Meteorological Society is adding a new journal to their collection of scholarly works. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems will publish developments and applications of methods in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and statistics that is relevant to meteorology, atmospheric science, hydrology, climate science, and ocean sciences, as well as the societal applications of AI and ML for these scientific fields, including ethical and responsible AI/ML use and educational research.

Amy McGovern, a professor with dual appointments in the Gallogly College of Engineering’s School of Computer Science and in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences’ School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, will serve as the journal’s editor-in-chief. McGovern is also the director of the National Science Foundation’s AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather Climate and Coastal Oceanography.

“We saw a gap in the literature where if you want to publish AI or machine learning work for weather, climate or environmental sciences broadly,” McGovern said. “When you’re trying to publish an AI method, if it’s applied you have to pick which applied journal to submit to and it doesn’t necessarily reach the right audience. If it’s foundational AI, but has a specific application like use for weather prediction, then it’s not theoretical…This journal will fill that gap.”

AMS president Michael Farrar said in a news release, “Artificial Intelligence and machine learning offer exciting opportunities to improve our understanding of weather, water, and climate. AMS is excited to host a new journal to improve the science of AI and its applications for AMS related sciences.”

McGovern is excited about the potential of the journal to help the field to grow. “I think it will bring together AI researchers with the growing field of AI in meteorology and increase awareness of the work happening in both areas,” she said.

The new journal will begin accepting submissions for peer review this fall. More information about the journal is available via the AMS website.