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BBA in Finance

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BBA in Finance

Our finance program is designed to train students to succeed in multiple career tracks, including financial planning, investment management, commercial banking, investment banking, trading, financial analysis, corporate finance, research, regulation, and more. In addition to the cutting-edge educational experience provided by the internationally renowned group of faculty, our program has a number of highlights that enrich your academic life and provide competitive advantages on the job market:

  • Be sure to check out the Student Investment Fund, a stock fund for which Mr. Michael Price provided the seed money in 1996 and which has since then been successfully managed by students.

  • Do not miss the chance to join the Finance Student Association, an important venue connecting you to employers, faculty, and fellow students and helping you get involved. Through joining, you will get a chance to participate in the annual Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education Forum in New York City. Learn more about this opportunity.

  • Participate in the OU / Oklahoma Bankers Association Summer Internship program! The internships will provide the students with a hands-on banking experience.

  • Choose to follow the track (see finance major curriculum) that will prepare you for the first level of the CFA examination. The professional certification of CFA is the gold standard in the investment industry. For more information on the CFA check out

  • Apply for the Price Scholar Internship, a prestigious internship that places you in NYC for the summer. Please see more information on the Internships page

Career Tracks

  • General Finance
  • Asset Management (CFA)
  • Corporate Finance / Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Energy Finance
  • Financial Planning (CFP)
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management / Insurance


A degree in finance or risk management opens many different career pathways to you. Your career path can lead you to become 

  • A corporate finance manager who makes financing, investment, and cash management decisions;
  • An investment manager who decides how best to invest clients’ money;
  • A commercial banker who lends to individuals and businesses;
  • An investment banker who underwrites stock issues and facilitates corporate mergers;
  • A trader who takes positions in stocks, bonds, currencies, or commodities;
  • A financial analyst who gathers, distills, and provides information vital for investment decisions to various clients;
  • A risk analyst who analyzes deals from a risk standpoint and determines if returns are commensurate with the risks involved;
  • A modeler who forecasts the behavior of prices and volatilities with sophisticated models;
  • A regulator who oversees the activities of stock exchanges and financial institutions;
  • A financial planner who helps clients plan for major financial goals such as retirement;
  • And more.

We have successfully placed finance graduates over the years. Check the Career Center information for the most recent placements and salary statistics.

Career Paths