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Leaving OU?

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Thinking About Leaving OU?

The University of Oklahoma wants to provide every resource and opportunity possible for you to finish your degree with us.

We can help you make a thoughtful decision about next steps, assist you with creating a plan and also connect you with valuable campus resources to support your specific circumstances. If you are uncertain about the steps below, call us at (405) 325-8103 or email us at

Please note, in extreme circumstances or medical emergencies, an individual other than the student may complete a cancellation or complete withdrawal petition on the student's behalf.

Are you thinking about taking some time off from the University or transferring to another college? Maybe you are thinking about dropping out because college isn't for you. We want to ensure that a decision is made with your best interest at heart. Click on the buttons below to find some valuable topics of discussion.

Petition Process:

The process can be different depending on what type of student you are. Identify your student category below and follow the instructions for how to drop all of your classes, take a temporary leave from OU or pursue a different path. If you want to make minor adjustments in your course schedule or need to make a decision about dropping one or two courses, contact your academic advisor to discuss further.

photo of students at Camp Crimson with "incoming student' text

You are considered an incoming student from the time you are admitted until your first semester at OU begins. Incoming students should contact the Office of Admissions at You might also need to speak with Housing and Food Services or the Student Financial Center about other University business. Once your first semester begins, (fall or spring) your status will change to a current student.

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Current undergraduate students in programs on the Norman campus should click on the link below for next steps.

I am a current undergrad student on the norman campus

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Graduate students should contact the Office of the Registar at  (405) 325-3572 or

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Students whose programs are fully online should contact their Academic Advisor directly. 


Make sure to include your student ID# and contact information in any correspondence with University offices. When submitting forms, be specific, detailed, and include any available documentation to make the process go more smoothly.