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From Gaylord to Game Day: 2023 OU Spring Game

Gaylord Extra: Final Spring Edition

From Gaylord to Game Day: 2023 OU Spring Game

By Analyse Jester, Gaylord College Class of 2025

As Sooner football got ready for its spring game, Gaylord students kicked into full gear, preparing for not only the game, but the Kyler Murray Heisman statue reveal.

There were many ways Gaylord students got involved in Sooner sports, from on-campus to internships outside the university. Gaylord College equips students with the necessary connections and skills to be on the field alongside the professionals.

Chloe Brooks, a junior studying public relations, was interning for the athletic communications department and worked during the spring game. Brooks’ internship gave her the opportunity to practice work in her profession in sports and public relations.

“I primarily assisted with media relations,” Brooks said. “Within this position, I spent time prior to the game to set up the press box and helped with media hospitality, and during the game I ran statistics to the radio and television teams.”

This was not her first year to work the spring game, as she had worked each home game since the 2022 season. With her experience, Brooks was excited to continue pursuing her career and show her support for Sooner football.

“Working all of the home football games last season gave me firsthand experience into the expectations and routines of game days as a public relations professional,” Brooks said.

Other students also had the opportunity to practice skills with organizations such as Sooner Sports Properties. Sophomore Katie Dolberry had worked with Sooner Sports Properties since the fall of 2022, and photographed that year's spring game.

“I was really looking forward to getting to work another football game with my amazing team,” Dolberry said.

The spring game was an exciting event for players, staff, and Sooner football fans. Students were anxious to get back to the stadium after the off-season. Students working the game said they were thrilled to be on the field as they prepared for the fall season.

“The spring game was a unique opportunity to engage with fans and recruits, as well as build excitement for the upcoming season,” Brooks said.

Sooner football was not only a great way to create buzz around campus, but was just one of the amazing ways to help students get involved. Gaylord College prepared students for success with networking that helped make internships possible. Professors, adjuncts, and staff at Gaylord helped encourage students and give them the tools to pressure their careers.

“I think that Gaylord was really great at connecting me to people that had similar interests and passions, it was nice that we were able to bounce ideas off of each other and recommend each other for opportunities,” Dolberry said.

“Gaylord was the driving force in so much of my career and personal growth,” Brooks said. “Because of the mentorship, connections, and opportunities I had in Gaylord, I was able to step into positions I never would have on my own.”

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