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Our Programs

We have several programs ranging from internal developments to academic endeavors, including travel abroad. As we continue to scale up we have continously refined and adapted our processes to be able to collaborate internally and externally alike. 

Program Areas

The OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Programs

Since 2017's origination of our humble student org beginnings, we have always focused on finding ways to enable paths to industry. Not just esports and gaming paths either, but ways we can impact student development at any and all levels and across various topics leveraging the common love for gaming.


Esports and gaming topics are global opportunities to learn. We will be aggressively expanding our education abroad opportunities in the years to come to celebrate the global reach of our topics and learning from around the world where different genres have stronger presence than others. Click the banner to learn about any current travel abroad programs.


Authoring curriculum that is accredited and valued takes time and at the 6 year mark we finally started to gain academic campus partners to start brining courses, certificates, and more online. Click the banner to learn more about our academic collaborations that count toward college credits.