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Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

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Welcome to The Home for All Things Esports & Gaming at OU

Welcome to The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department in the Division of Student Affairs. Our mission is to personify the gaming and esports communities through execution while fostering development and engagement for all fans of these topics alike while leveraging our culture and influence to innovate modernization of productivity and workflows across campus.

Health authorities throughout the world are focused on this illness and OU has highly professional, trained medical staff who are closely following developments, working closely with other University, county, and state offices to make well-informed decisions, and committed to protecting the health of the OU community.

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Student Spotlights

Elise "elisu" Siler, Media Lead, OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

During Elise's time with OU Esports, Elise “Elisu” Siler found a home with as the Media Lead for OU Esports. They are a senior art, technology, and culture major. OU Esports helped foster their love for gaming. Read more about Elise in our new student feature!

Read about Media Lead Elise Siler

Hashim "BrownDieselWagon" Hassany, Asst. Community Diretor, OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

Hashim found ways to give back to the OU Esports and Gaming Club communities that had given him so much through his time as both the OU Gaming Club Assistant Community Director and Outreach Coordinator. From organizing events to get students together to have fun, to reaching out to sponsors, Hassany has made a lasting impact on the community.

Read about Asst. Community Director Hashim Hassany

The OU ECCI Merch Store is Here! Support OU in a new topic!

This has been one of the biggest asks we've had from our students outside of programs, alumni, and parents. It has now begun starting with our intercollegiate esports jersey replica with custom names and gamertags straight to your doorstep. Get yours now!


OU Gaming Club Announces Fall 2023 Back to School Programming

The OU Gaming Club and OU ECCI formally announce the 2023 edition of our back to school weekend of programming on August 25-27, 2023 in our new gaming venue and esports clinic.

Read the Announcement!

OU ECCI Launches First Ever Alumni Advisory Board for Fall '23 and On

The alumni board serves the developments and community of The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation initiatives. These initiatives include but are not limited to professional development opportunities, fundraising strategic development, alumni intergration and programming, and advocacy campaigns.

Look at The Board

OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation Releases Spring 2023 Full Program GPA Report Card & New Year Preview

Before the start of any new semester we now report on our current academic achievement and for Summer intervals we also provide some updates of new year initiatives.


FITGMR x OU ESPORTS Partnership is GO!

We're excited to announce our partnership with FITGMR aimed at bolstering more intentional structure in our programs in the scope of wellness and development outside of the game.


OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation Receives $10,000 Gift From AIMLABS for program support

We're excited to announce Aimlabs as our newest sponsors who believes in our purpose as we have actively used their software well before this news! Thank you Aimlabs!





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