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Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

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Welcome to The Home for All Things Esports & Gaming at OU

Welcome to The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department in the Division of Student Affairs. Our mission is to personify the gaming and esports communities through execution while fostering development and engagement for all fans of these topics alike while leveraging our culture and influence to innovate modernatiztion of productivity and workflows across campus.

Health authorities throughout the world are focused on this illness and OU has highly professional, trained medical staff who are closely following developments, working closely with other University, county, and state offices to make well-informed decisions, and committed to protecting the health of the OU community. All OU Esports events are done in a virtual environment until further notice. 

Click here to read OU's COVID resources

Student Spotlight

Jasmine Graves, President of The OU Esports Club and The First Solidus Leadership Award Winner

Jasmine is one of the last 1st generation students in leadership for OU's esports developments. She was there at the beginning creation of the student org in 2017 and will be exiting her time at OU having accomplished the dream of taking a student org to the start of departmental status with scholarships, venue, and curriculum all spawning from the community she helped grow. 

Read about Jasmine Graves

Alumni Spotlight

An Interview with Team Liquid Writer and 2017 Alumna, Sarah Enders

We have a growing pool of talented alumni in and out of the gaming and esports industry and we're kicking off our new home page with featuring one of the first we ever learned about, Sarah Enders. If you're new to all of this, Team Liquid is the esports equaivalent to a professional org from the NFL or NBA but in esports. As a testament to this space, this Sooner is still based in Norman while Team Liquid is based in China.

Read about Sarah Enders

OU Announces The Solidus Scholarships for Gaming & Esports Energies

On March 3, 2021, The University of Oklahoma announced the Solidus Scholarships for esports and gaming opportunities. Our Media & News team at Sooner Esports provided a deep dive into what it all means and shares the story of Forest Dayne "Solidus" Sharp. 

Read more about the Solidus Awards

2020 Creative Media Production Alum, Stingray Schuller, and Media & News Team Produces OU XP 2.0 Documentary

OU Fine Arts Student and Call of Duty Coach, Jody Farmer, Featured in Stars & Stripes

Stars and Stripes, a military focused periodical, featured our very own caster, streamer, and Coach Jody Farmer, a dual service veteran and current OU student who is helping us mature and grow our Call of Duty developments and much more! Give it a read! Stars and Stripes originated back in 1861!

Read about Coach Jody Farmer

Director Mike "Moog" Aguilar featured in Fall 2020 Honors College Newsletter

Slow and steady has been our recipe for success and since we became a department under Student Affairs we've been anything but slow. Get to know our Director and why and how we're structured the way we are. Mike "Moog" Aguilar, has been a technology strategist for OU IT supporting the Honors College since 2013 and was appointed by Dr. David Surratt, the VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, in September 2020 to become the first ever Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation for The University of Oklahoma.

See the Honor's article

OU Secures 1st in Overwatch at The Inaugural Southern Esports Invitational

As more elevation across the industry comes, more events and tournaments are a natural product. The inagural Southern Esports Invitational is a 100% student led initiative focused on highlight teams and programs in the Southern regions of the U.S. We competed across 6 titles and took grand champion in Overwatch. 

Read about the SEI Invitational

3rd Annual Bedlam Panel: The Student Experience in Gaming During College


In this panel, students from both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Universities come together before competition at the 2020 3rd Annual esports Bedlam to highlight what this is all about for them. From the forming of friendships, to the moments of pride and vulnerability, to building networks, gaming and esports isn't all about playing games. It's community development at it's core leveraging gaming as the common ground to achieve new heights.



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