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Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships From OU

Fall/Spring - application deadline is February 1.

Students can access CASH through OU’s Scholarship website here:

CASH will open on October 1 and remain open until February 1.

Once you are on the scholarship website, you will click on the CASH graphic.

You will be taken to a log-in site, where you will log in to the system with your 4 x 4.

You will then need to fill out…

o   A General Application Page

o   An Engineering Conditional Application

o   The Financial Aid Conditional Application (if applicable)

Once all the Application Pages are filled out properly, a large green arrow will appear on the screen that tells you the student to “Start Applying Now.”

CASH will then direct you to every scholarship thay you are eligible to receive, including the Diversity and Inclusion Program application, study abroad scholarship, financial aid scholarships, etc.

You will be directed on how to attach any required documents to your applications (references, essays, etc.).

You have the option of saving the information and going back to edit it before submitting it.  After submission, you will have until February 1 to go back and make any changes.

Only currently enrolled OU students have access to CASH; incoming freshmen will not be able to use this system.

Detailed Information about the Program of Excellence Scholarship

The University freshman scholarship application makes it convenient to apply for all OU scholarships when you are planning to attend The University of Oklahoma.  Please visit the Admissions and Recruitment website for more information.
The deadline is February 1.

By April 1 freshmen can also apply for the Financial Aid and General Scholarship.  If you are interested visit

Scholarships Outside OU

Critical Systems is now offering the Breakthrough Technologies Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to 3rd or 4th year engineering/science students pursuing a career in Semiconductor and related specialty areas such as Nanotechnology, MEMS, Solar PV, Thin Film, or other advanced technologies. There are currently 2 scholarships being awarded annually – one Summer Award, and one Winter Award. The purpose is to help those students to meet the financial requirements as they pursue their degree, over and above any financial aid or other scholarships that they may receive.

Find more at the CSE Scholarship website

SCBME Juniors & Seniors,

To apply for the Breakthrough Technologies scholarship, please open the link below for application instructions.

The open period for our Fall Scholarship Award begins Sept 15th (for a 6-week period).

Here is the link to where the students apply:

Find out how you can apply for a $5,000 scholarship from Shell for the 2016-2017 academic year!
We offer two types of scholarships: the Shell Technical Scholarship and the Shell Incentive Fund.
§ The Shell Technical Scholarship is for full-time students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in a specific technical major.

§ The Shell Incentive Fund is for full-time students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in a specific technical major and who belong to particular under-represented minority groups.
For additional details about the application process and requirements for each scholarship, visit

The application deadline is Thursday, March 3, 2016, so don’t delay!

If you have any further questions, please contact Jessica Barton at
We look forward to receiving your application!
Best Wishes,
The Shell Recruitment Team

Rashell Robinson
Graduate Recruiter
Shell Oil Company - 48038B
910 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002
Office: +1 713-241-1564
Cell: +1 713-315-7184