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Grad Admission FAQ

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Graduate Admission FAQ

  1. What is the procedure for a graduate student at another university who wants to transfer to the University of Oklahoma?
    There are no automatic "transfers" into our graduate programs. All prospective students must apply through normal channels, supply the required materials, and go through the full review process, which also takes time because all five ECE Graduate Committee members individually review applications.

  2. Will work experience count as the background needed for admission to an electrical and computer engineering graduate program?

    Admission is based on academic merit and not work experience, although work experience may be of benefit later (such as, when competing for particular assistantships).

  3. Can someone in ECE tell me whether I am admissible before I go through the expense and trouble of applying?
    The only definitive way to know whether you are admissible is to apply. A sound judgment cannot be made without all credentials in hand. The appropriate code must be entered on the application for admission – for the immediate degree you are seeking.

  4. Must I have a baccalaureate degree to be admitted to your graduate program?
    You must have (or are about to be granted) the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree to be admitted to a graduate program at the University of Oklahoma.

  5. Are pre-requisites necessary if I do not have an ECE or similar degree?
    Non-EE or CpE degreed students who are admitted may need some basic EE/CpE background courses (which do not carry graduate credit). This will be determined by advisement upon arrival.

  6. I cannot pay the application fee up front. Will you waive the application fee?
    ECE has no power to waive basic University requirements (such as the application fee and TOEFL scores), and the University does not waive their requirements.

  7. What majors may I select in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering?
    Our current graduate degree is "electrical and computer engineering", although we offer a wide range of areas of research and areas of concentration in both electrical and computer engineering.

  8. I have not received any communication from OU in a long time. Is there a problem with my application? You will not necessarily receive confirmation of each step and each document received along the way. OU does not have an online system for applicants to check their own progress in the system. The University receives thousands of applications, but it is quite rare for any office to lose documents. If critical documents are missing, you will receive a notice; otherwise, you may usually assume that your application is moving along if all required materials have been sent.