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Robert Lewis-Swan

Robert Lewis-Swan

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Office: LH 245




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B.Sc. University of Queensland (2011)

Ph.D. University of Queensland (2015)


My research is centered on the study of non-equilibrium many-body physics in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) systems. A core focus is to understand how we can generate, characterize, manipulate and use quantum phenomena such as entanglement and coherence for basic quantum science applications and next generation technologies. Entanglement and coherence in quantum systems is typically generated by interactions between constituent particles or degrees of freedom. Harnessing and controlling interactions is thus important if we want to be able to design and control complex quantum many-body states to be used in quantum-enhanced devices and technologies. To this end, I am interested in a diverse range of AMO systems as they a natural playground to explore a range of diverse interactions in a controllable setting: from contact interactions in neutral atoms, to dipolar interactions in polar molecules and arrays of Rydberg atoms, and long-range interactions in trapped-ion crystals and and cold atoms coupled to high-finesse cavities. To study these complex experimental systems I use an interplay of analytical tools and numerical techniques. These scale between simple "toy models" which capture the essential physics while remaining within reach of exact solutions, all the way to complex numerical simulations of experiments which include relevant sources of technical noise and decoherence.