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Lloyd Bumm

Lloyd Bumm

Associate Professor

Condensed Matter Physics

A photo of Lloyd Bumm.



Office: LH 231

Phone: (405) 325-6053




B.S. Clarkson University (1982)

Ph.D. Northwestern University (1991)


My area of research is in experimental high energy physics and I have been involved in collider physics my entire career.  I received my Ph.D as a member of the D0 collaboration located at Fermilab where I worked primarily on QCD.  As a postdoc at LBL I worked on the BaBar collaboration located at SLAC where my primary responsibility was helping to build the silicon vertex detector.  Most recently I have been involved in the ATLAS experiment located at CERN where I have involved in various analyses including searching for SUSY and vector like leptons.  I have studied photon cross sections, WWW production, WWgamma production, J/psi +W production and single top in association with a Z boson.  In addition to the physics analyses, I am involved in helping test the new ATLAS pixel detector which is currently being built. 

Awards & Honors

  • Nancy Mergler Undergraduate Research Mentor Award
  • Patent and Innovation
  • NSF Career Award