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High Energy Physics Journal Club

High Energy Physics
Journal Club

The High Energy Particle Physics journal club meets weekly to present on recent research published in the field. Graduate students who are studying high energy physics at OU are expected to participate.

The seminar and journal club are being temporarily combined, to be held on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in Lin Hall 105 on the OU Norman campus.




August 29

Howie Baer
(University of Oklahoma)

"Recent developments in muon g-2"

September 12

Fazlollah Hajkarim
(University of Oklahoma)

"Pre-BBN Cosmology and Gravitational Waves"

October 3

Brooks Thomas
(Lafayette College)

"Stasis in an Expanding Universe: Overview, Concrete Realizations, and Observational Consequences"

October 24

Yu-Dai Tsai
(UC Irvine)


October 31

Kairui Zhang

(University of Wisconsin, Madison)


November 7

Jae Hyeok Chang

(Fermilab/University of Illinois Chicago)


December 7 (Thursday)

Yuhsin Tsai
(Notre Dame)