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Current Students

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Current Students

Information and downloads for current OU UWC Scholars 


Find the most recent issues of the UWC Scholars Program Newsletter here. Important information for current scholars about upcoming events, program reminders and deadlines, and opportunities can be found in the monthly newsletter.

UWC Scholars Book Vouchers: Policies & Guidelines

Book vouchers, as part of OU UWC Scholars Program scholarships, are an account associated with a UWC Scholar’s OU ID number used for purchasing required textbooks and academic materials for enrolled OU courses. They operate like a credit account that allows students to charge the cost of required course materials to their bursar accounts. Approved and eligble charges of these required academic materials are then covered by scholarship.

The guidelines and policies of the UWC Scholars Book Vouchers can be found in the pdf below. The policy includes book voucher processes, documentation requirements, eligible/ineligible items, and guidelines to ensure book vouchers and materials purchased are handled properly. 

The OU UWC Scholars staff understand that not everything required for your courses is available at the OU Bookstore. These guidelines are for current students requesting a check to purchase, or a reimbursement for the purchase of, required course materials not available at the OU Bookstore. Please refer to these guidelines before purchasing course materials or requesting a check to purchase. These guidelines also address which items are eligible or ineligible for reimbursement. When in doubt, always obtain pre-approval from the OU UWC Scholars Offices at

Current OU UWC Scholars may use the online form for submitting check and reimbursement requests or email their requests with the appropriate supporting documents. 

Students may access the online form here.

Other Helpful Information for OU UWC Scholars

pdf UWC Freshmen Travel and Packing Tips (PDF)
Travel and packing tips for incoming UWC freshmen
pdf Coping with Anxiety & Panic Resource Guide
A guide for current students dealing with anxiety & panic.