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Required Immunizations

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OU-Tulsa students who have patient-facing responsibilities, or could reasonably be expected to be present in patient-facing areas on campus, are required to receive certain immunizations to protect patients, other students, and health care providers. The University recognizes that vaccine requirements in certain University settings, in particular patient care settings, are both prudent and important. Vaccine requirements will be updated as appropriate, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as medical and public health officials. 

Required Immunizations and TB Screening Requirements

For students in an OUHSC program on the OU-Tulsa campus, a complete list of required immunizations and TB screening requirements can be found in this OUHSC-Program Student Immunization and TB Screening Requirements Reference Guide. Individual programs can adjust their requirements from this form, so information from your individual college or program should supersede this document.

For more information about the Tuberculosis (TB) testing, please click here.


The following OU-Tulsa programs have modified requirements from those listed in the previously linked document:

  • The OU-TU School of Community Medicine (both MD and PA programs) require parts a. and b. in section #3 (Hep B) of the Reference Guide linked above.

Annual Flu Vaccine

In addition to those vaccines listed in the OUHSC-Program Student Immunization and TB Screening Requirements Reference Guideall OUHSC-program students are also expected to receive an influenza vaccination each fall.

Required COVID-19 Vaccination

Effective May 12, 2023, only a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is required for students enrolled in Health Sciences Center degree programs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and remote sites. There is no timeframe for when this dose must have been administered, so long as it was a WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine. The following OUHSC-program students are required to provide documentation showing a single-dose of a COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Faculty, staff, and students with patient-facing responsibility.
    • For purposes of this policy, "patients" include clinical and hospital patients, mental health/counseling and allied health clients, human research participants, simulated patients, and parents/guardians of patients who cannot give legal consent. Patient-facing responsibilities include any activity that is anticipated to necessitate direct contact with or close physical proximity (6 feet) to a patient.
  • Individuals who will observe, shadow, or volunteer in an area where patients are reasonably expected to be.

COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

Vaccines appointments remain available to OU-Tulsa students, faculty, and staff on campus in the OU Health Physicians Internal Medicine Clinic. To book an appointment, please click here and complete the online registration. The availability shown within this this website is only for OU-Tulsa students, faculty, staff, and patients of OU Health Physicians Tulsa, so please do not share this site with family or friends.

Vaccines are also available in the community. Please refer to the Tulsa Health Department for current vaccine opportunities around Tulsa County.

Declination Process for Required Immunizations

OUHSC-program students have the ability to submit declinations for a required vaccination, either on a medical basis or for religious reasons. Please note that a separate form is required for each vaccination being declined. The below steps outline the process for submitting a declination form for consideration:

  1. Complete the Vaccine Declination Form for OUHSC & OU-Tulsa Students
  2. Based on your declination reason, please gather the documentation as requested on your Vaccine Declination Form.
  3. Submit your completed Vaccine Declination Form and required documentation to the following email address, based upon your geographic campus location, using the subject line Vaccine Declination Form:
  4. Following submission, a member of the Student Affairs, Accessibility & Disability Resource Center, and/or Student Health will be in communication with you, via email or phone, to discuss your Vaccine Declination Form. 
  5. Do not upload this form to Complio until you recieve notification of approval along with a copy of the signed form. 

A separate Vaccine Declination Form, and supporting documentation, is required for each vaccination being declined. Additionally, if declining the influenza vaccine, that declination form must be submitted after September 15th and is required annually.


For information regarding Complio, the online platform for student immunization tracking in OUHSC programs, please visit the OU-Tulsa Complio page

Frequently Asked Questions - Required Vaccines

Most OUHSC-program students on the OU-Tulsa campus are considered patient-facing. If you are unsure, please ask your program coordinator, director, or College's student services team.

For Norman-program students on the OU-Tulsa campus, your faculty and our gradaute program liaison will inform you if you are patient-facing in this capacity, which is rare.

For those OU-Tulsa students deemed to be in patient-facing programs, you are required to receive a variety of immunizations to protect the patients and the health care providers they work and train with.

For OUHSC-program students at OU-Tulsa, you will upload documentation for each of your required vaccinations or TB tests to Complio, as instructed by your college personnel. Acceptable examples of documentation are:

  • Documentation from the Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS) or another state's vaccine registry
  • A legible copy of a CDC Vaccine Record card
  • Documentation from the licensed health care provider who vaccinated the individual
  • Other official documentation that includes the name of the provider or facility where the vaccine was provided, the manufacturer of the vaccine given, and the date(s) of the vaccine administration

For Norman-program students at OU-Tulsa, your program will notify you of required immunizations, if any. 

Students going into the health professions are highly encouraged to keep a copy of all vaccination records.

Please call OU-Tulsa Student Health to discuss the research and safety of the vaccines. 

Please allow 15 business days for the review.

Students will visit with their program/college student service team to understand next steps and possible program limitations. Generally, all unvaccinated patient-facing students will be required to mask in all indoor campus facilities.

Students will visit with their program/college student services team to understand next steps and possible program implications.

Neither the University of Oklahoma nor the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center can control the vaccination policies of the facilities, hospitals, or physicians groups that provide clinical and practicum experiences for our students. If you are not allowed to participate in a particular clinical experience due to your vaccine declination, the University may not be able to find you an alternate clinical experience without fundamentally altering the program. If you are unable to complete the required clinical or practicum experiences, you would be unable to fulfill the requirements of your program, eliminating the opportunity to fulfill the necessary requirements for graduation.

In other words, although you may be able to participate in the didactic (classroom) portions of the program, if you decline required vaccinations, the University cannot guarantee that you will be able to ultimately graduate from the program.

Questions Remain? Contact Us!

If you have questions about required immunizations, please contact OU-Tulsa Student Affairs at or 918-660-3100.