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OU-Tulsa study leads to important findings on children and racism

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April 5, 2023

OU-Tulsa study leads to important findings on children and racism

Amy Hendrix-Dicken, PhD student

A recent study into instances of racism experienced by children led to important revelations.  

The study, co-led by Amy Hendrix-Dicken, PhD student in Organizational and Community Leadership at OU-Tulsa and senior staff research assistant at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine, showed an increase in discrimination among Black and Indigenous children from 2016 to 2020, as reported by parents.

“Our study underlines the need for clinicians to expand their anti-racism resources and also highlights the role culturally competent health care can play in lessening the effects of adverse childhood experiences with racism,” said Hendrix-Dicken as quoted in a recent article about the study from CNN.

The study looked at the National Survey of Children’s Health data from 2016 to 2020. The data showed that racial/ethnic discrimination reported by parents of children who are minorities increased from 6.7% in 2016 to approximately 9.3% in 2020, according to the publication in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Indigenous and Black children reported the highest percentage increases. 

Hendrix-Dicken teamed up with Dr. Micah Hartwell from the OSU College of Medicine at the Cherokee Nation to conduct this important research.

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