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OU-Tulsa Passes Go with MONOPOLY: Tulsa Edition

November 1, 2023

OU-Tulsa Passes Go with MONOPOLY: Tulsa Edition

Student sitting in front of computer monitor

OU-Tulsa has a prominent space on the official MONOPOLY: Tulsa Edition game board revealed Nov. 1. A total of 26 Tulsa businesses and landmarks replaced MONOPOLY’s classic properties and OU-Tulsa sits proudly among the other educational institutions. The big reveal was done by Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum at a press conference at the Tulsa Zoo, another attraction on the board. Now players can buy, build, or pay rent when they land on the OU-Tulsa space and other favorite Tulsa locations.

OU-Tulsa students on campus playing newly unveiled boardgame.

The game also features customized Community Chest and Chance playing cards including one reading: You graduate from OU-Tulsa which lands you a big promotion at work. Receive 100 Monopoly dollars. So, just as in real life, players can better their lot in the game by receiving a degree from the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa.

Later that day, the OU-Tulsa campus community held an event to celebrate our place on the board with festive cookies, balloons and an opportunity to play the newest version of Monopoly.

“People around the world will be able to learn more about Tulsa’s amazing cultural sites, universities, landmarks, charitable organizations, and businesses by playing the special MONOPOLY: Tulsa Edition game. I am excited that Tulsa had the opportunity to partner with such an iconic and beloved brand,” says Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum. 

Interested in your very own copy of MONOPOLY: Tulsa Edition? OU-Tulsa Staff Senate has the board game for sale. Click here to order a copy and have it delivered via interoffice mail.