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Oklahoma’s top attorney Visits OU-Tulsa campus

October 30, 2023

Oklahoma’s top attorney Visits OU-Tulsa campus

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Oklahoma State Attorney General Gentner Drummond took time out of his busy schedule to visit the OU-Tulsa campus and share a little about how his previous experiences have shaped his time as a public servant. The event was sponsored by the OU-Tulsa Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture.

AG Drummond shared to a packed house about growing up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and how his career choices led him to serve in the U.S. Air Force. He regaled the crowd with stories from his harrowing experiences flying jets – and not always following orders. After the Air Force he went on to Georgetown University Law School where he has further proven himself to be an independent thinker, an attribute that serves him well in his current role. 

The Attorney General discussed the importance of the state of Oklahoma working together with our Native American tribes, actively developing those relationships. He also discussed his dedication to fighting drug trafficking in our state and working together with the federal government to reduce the amount of illegal activity happening in that arena.

Drummond closed with two final thoughts that provide insight into his guiding principles: the importance of always doing the right thing and allowing the rule of law to guide his decision making.

“We train our children and our grandchildren to do the right thing,” he says. “Do the right thing regardless of the cost. I am not very partisan. When I stay in my lane, rule of law is what drives me. Rule of law … will be enforced with zeal and enthusiasm.”