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Annual Faculty Evaluation for 2021

Faculty annual evaluations are central to our achievements as an institution and our ability to accomplish the goals of the Lead On strategic plan. In 2021, the ongoing global pandemic may have impacted faculty achievement, with the effects varying across individuals. In order to take these factors into account, the process of faculty annual evaluation will be altered for 2021, as in 2020. This revised process will acknowledge challenges,  and place greater focus on mentoring and development. 

Annual Faculty Evaluation 2021 - Memo
Faculty Performance Template
Pandemic Impact Statement/Checklist
Expanded Evaluation Activities and Sources
Guide to Providing Feedback for Faculty Annual Evaluation

Progress Toward Tenure

During the probationary period, a faculty member will be provided by the chair/director of the academic unit with both an annual, written evaluation of performance during the past calendar year and a progress towards tenure letter that reviews the faculty member’s entire probationary period at the University.

Such annual evaluation from the most recent spring evaluation cycle shall be provided prior to the applicable notification deadline for reappointment, with a copy sent to the dean.
(Norman Campus Faculty Handbook 3.7.3.I)

Progress Toward Tenure Memo
Suggested Template for Progress Toward Tenure
Request to Extend Probationary Period Due to COVID-19

Reappointment of Ranked Renewable Term Faculty

Annual faculty evaluations are conducted each calendar year and shared with the faculty member. During the final year of the multi-year term a faculty member will receive a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of their performance for the entire multi-year term. The unit and college specify the procedures for conducting the comprehensive evaluation.

Reappointment of Ranked Renewable Term Faculty Memo
Reappointment of Renewable Term Faculty with Instructor or Lecturer Titles Memo