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Wall Street Sooners

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Wall Street Sooners

The Wall Street Sooners (WSS) is a student organization founded to provide its members with a venue to learn about the investment banking industry and careers in high-finance.  The WSS seeks to prepare its members to obtain internships in investment banking, to secure full-time positions in high finance, and, ultimately, to thrive in those careers. Accordingly, the WSS often holds on-campus meetings with prospective employers along with hosting events designed to advance members’ professional goals.

The Wall Street Sooners prides itself in attracting a membership base that is ambitious, motivated, and possesses an unrelenting desire to succeed in high finance.

President - Rhett Young -
VP of Finance - Caden Kaff -
VP of Programs - Alexandra Touliatos -
VP of Marketing - Frida Galvan -
Faculty Advisors - Tom Hooper - and Patricia Saltus -

For more information, visit: