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Investment Club

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Investment Club

investment club logo: black "IC" on a white background

The Investment Club is a multi-disciplinary community of investors who want to grow their financial knowledgebase during college.  The Investment Club is focused on holding community events on- and off campus, while inviting important speakers to share their experiences with other students.  Our goal is to attract students from all aspects of campus, since we believe that allows us to generate a larger impact on students in studies that are non-finance related.  Activities that we plan to hold include monthly guest speakers and weekly community focused activities on- and off-campus. In previous semesters, we hosted Gary Gingrich, who discussed how new investors should start investing, as well as community events, like Velvet Taco Tuesdays!  We look forward to meeting you and discussing how your experience allows us to grow on OU’s campus.


Vice President: Evan Moros (
Director of Investment: Brad Heidebrecht (
Director of Marketing: Gideon Trenary (

Faculty Advisors:
John Paul Broussard (
Patricia Saltus (

You can join the Investment Club at: