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Storage Available on Schooner

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OSCER Storage

NameQuota Limit
Backed Up?Purpose
/home20 GBNightlyIndividual storage space assigned to every OSCER user, for small input files, script files, software builds, etc.

However much disk space isn't being consumed by all the other users who you share that disk partition with.

NOTE: Files will be periodically deleted as per our autodelete policy

Never, but you can archive your files to OURRstore (below).Temporary storage space that can be used while running jobs.
However much disk space your research group buys.Never, but you can archive your files to OURRstore (below).
Disk storage can be purchased by research groups for dedicated usage. Learn more about OURdisk.
OURRstoreHowever much tape capacity your research group buys.Multiple copies on separate tape cartridges.Users can purchase tapes and store their data in the OURRstore tape archive. Learn more about OURRstore