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Globus File Transfer

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Globus File Transfer

Globus gives researchers access to a fast, powerful data management service that’s easy to use. OSCER is proud to offer Schooner as a Globus endpoint.

Globus Endpoints

Globus Endpoint on Schooner:

  • oscer#dtn2

Globus Endpoints on the PetaStore:

  • oscer#archive-data1
  • oscer#archive-data2

Accessing Schooner on Globus

NOTE: These instructions are for users with a valid University of Oklahoma account (faculty, staff and students)

  • Go to
  • Click on Log In
  • Start typing University of Oklahoma until it appears below the text field

  • Select the entry and click Continue
  • You will be directed to the OU Single Sign-on Page
  • Login with your OUNetID and OU password

  • You may be prompted to authorize Globus in order to proceed. You will need to accept it in order to use Globus.
  • On the Transfer Files page, select the Endpoint you wish to use for Schooner, and type oscer#dtn2

  • You will be asked to log in with your OSCER username and password. This is needed to connect to the Schooner endpoint.
  • Upon successfully logging in, you will be taken to your home directory
  • You can now transfer files between Schooner and another Globus endpoint