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Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Shared Vision

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The University of Oklahoma’s Division of Marketing and Communications is a dynamic and visionary collective committed to advancing OU’s mission and the university’s Strategic Plan. Our collaborative team of storytellers, experience makers, and marketing professionals strategically elevates the OU brand by creating authentic, compelling content that showcases our excellence and global impact.

Guiding Principles

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Operate as a cohesive and collaborative team with our partners across the university to offer best-in class support and expertise to foster strong relationships with target audiences.

Produce authentic, high-quality content that tells the impactful and evolving story of the University of Oklahoma.

Advance the university’s strategic objectives by engaging our audiences to elevate and protect OU’s brand and reputation. Develop thought leaders who raise stories, issues, and voices through storytelling, research, and partnerships to share the university’s contributions to society.

Foster meaningful connections with our audiences to enhance the university experience, build brand affinity, and encourage further support.

Instill pride in our university by showcasing OU’s global influence.

Recent News

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Social Media

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