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Return to OU

For students who have stepped away from the University or taken a break from higher education, the GPS team is here to guide you through the steps to resume your OU academic journey and get you back on track to earning an OU degree. We want to help you connect with the right resources and support staff in a timely way to ensure your success! Even if you are only weighing your options, we suggest you schedule a Return to OU Consultation (see below) today to assist you in your decision-making process and avoid missing any upcoming deadlines.

Begin mapping out your return plan today using the checklist below.

We look forward to having you back on campus soon!

Return Plan Checklist

Academic Advising

All OU students are required to be advised before enrolling in classes for the upcoming term. Your assigned academic advisor knows your degree path and the course requirements to get you to the finish line. 

Make an Advising Appointment


Finances are one of the main reasons for a student needing to take a Leave of Absence from OU or higher education. First, you will need to submit an updated FAFSA at If you have any issues with filing your FAFSA, the Student Financial Center (SFC) can assist you. Connect with the SFC by email at or by phone at (405) 325-9000.

Next, schedule a meeting with you MoneyCoach to discuss your plan to pay for college. There may be new scholarships available to you that you can discover with your MC. 

Schedule an MoneyCoach Appointment

Transferring Credits

If you need to send in a transcript from another university, please send an official electronic copy to or you can drop off a sealed official copy to Buchanan Hall (1000 Asp Ave), on the 3rd floor to the TE drop box outside of Room 330. If you’d like to confirm how your courses will transition back to OU, you can visit the transfer equivalencies database. 

Visit the Transfer Equivalencies Database

Additional Resources

Major Change

If your major didn’t feel like the right fit, Major and Career Exploration Coaches are available to discuss your major and career options which fit your interests, skills and future goals. 

Schedule an Major and Career Exploration Appointment

Academic Life Coaching

Work with an Academic Life Coach to identify stressors and establish goals that lead to academic success and degree completion. 

Find an Academic Life Coach

Making Connections

We know that it could have been a challenge to make connections and find your sense of belonging at OU. This semester, the OU Division of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association launched the Nearpeer app to connect you with other OU students who have similar interests, backgrounds and experiences. You can log-in now with your OU email address and start making connections to build on once you get back to campus. 

Find out more about NearPeer!

Return to OU Review and Consultation

Reach out to the GPS team at to let us know that you are considering or planning to return to OU. By scheduling a Return to OU Consultation you will have the chance to meet with a GPS team member to discuss timeline and next steps. We can also assess if you will need to re-apply to the University or if there are any additional holds on your account which needs to be addressed before returning. Students who have been away from OU for a summer and a fall or spring semester will need to re-apply through the re-admit application process through the Office of admissions. Published deadlines for the readmission process are:

April 1 - Summer Semester

June 1 - Fall Semester

November 1 - Spring Semester