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Retroactive Complete Withdrawal

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Need Academic Relief from a Previous Semester?

The University understands that students may experience challenges which are outside of their control. Just how much such challenges may impact students isn’t always clear until after the conclusion of a semester. If you have experienced circumstances, like a new diagnosis, a family crisis, or accident, which impacted your academic performance petitioning for Retroactive Complete Withdrawal may be just the academic relief you need.

A Retroactive Complete Withdrawal is dropping all courses for a semester that has already ended. This process is coordinated with the academic college you were in during the semester you wish to drop. Once your petition has been submitted, you will meet with the Academic Advising Dean or Lead in the college. If you have documentation which helps support your case or explains the circumstances you experienced take them with you to this meeting.

In cases of extreme extenuating circumtances, students may wish to seek the advice of the Academic Advising Dean/Lead about the possibility of appealing for a partial or full refund of tuition and fees. For more information about the complexities involved with seeking a refund in addition to the complete withdrawal refer to this link: Refunds (

Retroactive Complete Withdrawal Petition