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New Students

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Coming to OU

We welcome all international students and their families! Two thousand international students and their families representing more than 130 countries call the University of Oklahoma (OU) their home away from home. The OU Office of International Student Services (OU ISS) is here to support you. Thank you for considering the University of Oklahoma as the next step in your educational career.

Prospective students

If you have not yet been admitted to the University of Oklahoma, visit the links below to learn more about the admissions process.

Bachelors (Undergraduate)

Masters or Doctorate (Graduate)

Center for English as a Second Language

Exchange Student Program

Newly admitted students

If you have already applied and been admitted to the University of Oklahoma, congrautulations! We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Before you arrive, there is a lot for you to prepare. Learn more about your next steps at the link below.

Next Steps

Important Information for F-2 visa holders

As an F-2 visa holder, you are limited to part time enrollment only and you are not allowed to work at all per US Federal Immigration Regulations (more information here). For your admission application, you must complete the Affidavit for Study in F-2 status to confirm you understand and will abide by the enrollment restrictions in accordance with US Federal Immigration Regulations. Below is the maximum number of hours you may enroll in at OU.

Degree Level
Maximum hours
Bachelor 11 hours
Master, Doctorate, Juris Doctorate   8 hours
Intensive English instruction
17 clock hours

Part time study is not possible for the Graduate English Pathway (GEP) program per the OU Graduate College.