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Facilitating a Civil and Civic Conversation: Election 2020

University campuses and classrooms have always been sites for sharing perspectives.  In this particular election year faculty will no doubt encounter divided viewpoints. Do you know what you will do and say following the election? Whatever the outcome, we might need to bring out our best facilitation skills. 

Anticipate a range of student reactions and consider offering some ground rules for discussion as you create a brave space for students of all viewpoints.  As you plan, consider how the course content and disciplinary knowledge can support the discussion, by linking what students learn from your curriculum to the larger issues we are all facing, especially in the context of a  divisive public culture and an unprecedented pandemic.

This brief article, published recently in Inside High Ed, offers some ideas and resources.

In the coming weeks you may want to foster a brave space in your classroom – a place for discussions that can be civil and productive.  The materials offered by Heterodox Academy focus on open inquiry and viewpoint diversity and include guidelines for facilitation.

CFE has put together some tips and resources here.


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