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October 29, 1999 - E-Journals.Org
This is essentially a one-page link site to the electronic access sites of academic journals in a number of categories, including botany and other biological sciences. Affilitated with the World Wide Web Virtual Library, links from the site are typically run by WWW-VL maintainers in their respective disciplines. Site by yours truly; it has just opened recently. -SR
October 28, 1999 - Biological Control of Pests and Weeds
Biological control of pests and weeds is becoming attractive as the costs of chemical control escalate and the perils of chemical control become known. This site from New Zealand discusses Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD; rabbits have no natural enemies there), classical biological control of insect pests, Bacillus thuringiensis: A biological control agent of insects, and biological control of weeds. This site presents a brief illustrated synopsis of biological control. Site presented by School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland. (***1/2) -SR
October 27, 1999 - GardenGuides: A Growing Resource for Gardeners
Flower guides, herb guides and vegetable guides are just the beginning of this comprehensive site. There is also a weekly newsletter available by listserv, online browsing and searching of articles, lots of photographs and links to nearly 75 subject categories of plants on over 35 pages. Navigating the site is not as easy as it might be; for example, see the search page for guides 12 major areas, each with high quality links--not easily accessible if you don't know they are there. Site by GardenGuides. (****) -SR
October 26, 1999 - Plant Trivia Timeline
This site gives world history from the viewpoint of a botanist, dating from the beginning of the earth (5+ BYA) to the breakup of the Botany Department at the University of Texas (1998). An enormously detailed timeline--the *first* place I will look for botanical milestones--it is ~48 pages if printed! This is a fascinating reference for people who think that primary producers should get more respect. Site by Huntington Library, Huntington Botanical Gardens, J. Folsom, editor. (****) -SR
October 25, 1999 - International Bulb Society
This society has numerous worthwhile resources on bulbs! In addition to the newsletter, "Bulbs," there is "All About Bulbs" with Book Reviews, Bulb & Seed Sources, Bulb Art, Bulb Basics, Conservation, Gallery of the World's Bulbs, Identify This Bulb, Living Jewels, Lore, and The Seed Exchange, a "Discussion" area with five chats/forums, information about the society, its history and how to join and a link to their journal, Herbertia. Don't miss the Gallery of the World's Bulbs (under "All About Bulbs"), where hundreds of genera with bulbs are shown with progressively larger photos. Site by IBS. (****) -SR
October 22, 1999 - Unisys: Daily University Science News
Unisys reports on scientific findings as they are released to the press, providing an abundant source of information on science news. In their own words, "People engaged in the work we call science need to know what is going on in their own field and in related fields. They also need to let their colleagues know what they're doing." This site is an excellent source of information on the progress of science in general, enhancing multidisciplinary understanding of science that promotes scientific discovery and answering "Why science?" Site by Unisys. (****) -SR
October 21, 1999 - The Scientist: The News Journal for the Life Scientist
The Scientist is a free newsletter for life scientists covering science news and particularly the newest developments. This includes a number of features, including news stories, hot topics, commentary, opinion, jobs, notebook, cartoons, new products, leaders of science, clarifications, and Eugene Garfield commentaries. This is provided with the cooperation of the Institute for Science Information (ISI) and the University of Pennsylvania. (****) -SR
October 20, 1999 - Molecular Expressions: Virtual Microscope
This site includes a virtual microscope with tutorials with Java simulations on phase contrast, polarizing microscopy, condensers & condenser alignment, darkfield Abbe condensers, condenser light cones, condenser aperture diaphram alignment, hollow light cone numerical aperture, lamp filament alignment, substage condenser numerical aperture, darkfield condenser adjustment, catadioptric darkfield reflected light objectives, aperture & field diaphragm adjustment in reflected light, and Köhler illumination. Site by Michael W. Davidson and Florida State University. (****) -SR
October 19, 1999 - Plant Systematics and Evolution - Links
This one-page site provides an up-to-date listing of links concerning the North American flora, herbaria of Canada, USA & Mexico, the global flora, biodiversity & conservation centers, bioinformatics, plant systematics-related courses with resources on the web and selected image libraries. Although the organization of this page is "classical" (a long text-only page!), the links are carefully reviewed, meticulously maintained and highly relevant. Site by the TAMU Herbarium / Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. (****) -SR
October 18, 1999 - Papers of Sir Joseph Banks
Sir Joseph Banks is credited as leading the first botanical expeditions into Australia, including the discovery and description of the plants of Botany Bay. Papers in 19 series of archived materials are cataloged, including botanical specimens from 1780s to 1890s, to correspondence received by Dorothea, Lady Banks from various persons, and the breadfruit expeditions of the H.M.S. Bounty led by Captain Bligh. Meticulously catalogued, each entry is presented in text and scanned form. Site by the State Library of New South Wales, Australia. (****) -SR
October 15, 1999 - Official Website of the Nobel Foundation
Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine have always attracted fascination as they are the most prestigious prizes given for accomplishment in the sciences. In turn, the science behind the prize is always interesting to instructors because it is central to understanding something important in the world around us. This website chronicles past winners, contains a virtual museum, provides a 3-D look at the medals and a detailed reference table of all of the prizes. Site by the Nobel Foundation. (****) -SR
October 14, 1999 - Chili Pepper Official Heat Scale
This "Chili Pepper Official Heat Scale" compares the different chili peppers (Capsicum) in terms of Scoville units--the accepted measuring standard for capsaicin, the chemical which creates most of the chemical "heat." A memorable one-page site, it is worth a bookmark if you are interested in hot food! This site is also by Joe Armstrong, Illinois State University, Normal. (***) -SR
October 13, 1999 - Mangrove Forest Photo Essay
Joe Armstrong's recent trip to Thailand (August-September) is documented by excellent photographs of the mangrove estuary environment. This site features the genera Avicennia, Rhizophora and Xylocarpus, providing a great virtual visit some nice mangrove forests. Thumbnails and 3/4 screen JPGs show excellent habit and morphological views. Site by Joe Armstrong, Illinois State University, Normal. (***1/2) -SR
October 12, 1999 - Pests and Diseases of Horticulture
This site is yet another part of an extensive suite of resources from The Ohio State University and Virginia Tech. Driven by through a form-based interface, this provides access to information and ~1100 photographs of diseases, pests (including insects, mites, slugs) and injury (including chemical, mechanical, weather related damage). Different plant organs are also linked on this form, providing many paths to the data. This database is well worth a visit! (****) -SR (moved, not relocated yet)
October 11, 1999 - OSU Interactive Plant List
This collection of horticultural plant images numbers over 3,800! The database is driven by a search engine that will find species by common & scientific name, family name, growth habit (Annuals, Bulbs, Grasses, Groundcovers, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Vines, Wildflowers) and features (Trunk, Whole Plant, Twigs, Flowers, Fruits, Foliage, Landscape Usage). OSU Factsheets are attached as available. The images are half screen JPGs of impressive quality. Site sponsored by Ohio State University and Virginia Tech. (****) -SR
October 8, 1999 - Delaware Wildflowers
The Delaware wildflowers site includes floral images of 58 families, 155 genera, and 210 species to date, listed by color, common name, species, families, and higher levels. The format of the images is medium resolution JPGs (~400 x 400 pixels or so) which are listed on pages along with date and the location where the photo was taken. Wallpaper (large format images) are also offered for a few of these, along with a nice page of links to wildflowers pages representing most of the 50 states. This site photographed and maintained by David G. Smith. (***1/2) -SR
October 7, 1999 - NATURE: The Seedy Side of Plants
Part of the "Nature" series on US Public TV, this site is a great introduction to plants, available on the web and on video. Topics include "Planet of the Plants," "Endlessly Adaptable," and "The Struggle for Control." In addition to this is information about genetic engineering, teacher's guides, puzzles & fun and resources. Designed for grade and high school, this is still useful as a brief introductory segment in undergraduate education. Site by PBS. (***1/2) -SR
October 6, 1999 - Ohio Street Tree Evaluation Project
Trees planted 30 years ago were recently reevaluated for suitability as street plantings by personnel of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and The Ohio State University. Species planted included many types of maple, linden, hawthorn, and honeylocust, and about 20 other species. As well as measuring their height, caliper, spread and survival percentage, before-and-after photos (and in some cases, movies) are provided. An interesting longterm evaluation, this may provide data useful outside the region as well. By OSU Division of Forestry. (***1/2) -SR
October 5, 1999 - Price Watch: Street Price Search Engine
Part of delivering technology-based education is buying the technology--and that can be expensive! PriceWatch provides street prices for computers, CPUs, memory, storage, multimedia, input devices, output devices, accessories, connectivity products, software and various electronic products. As a kind of "robotic" service, it scans merchant prices and posts prices (visitors can use it free and w/o registration). If you know what you want, this is good for buying it or negotiating a better price with a local merchant. Site by Price Watch. (***1/2) -SR
October 4, 1999 - Zen's WNC Nature Notebook
This Western North Carolina (WNC) notebook features photos of the vegetational paradise of the Blue Ridge Mountains, National Forests of Pisgah & Nantahala, and Great Smoky National Park environs. Images of plants and fungi are taken with a Kodak DC-120 and a Mac. It is a nice amateur site who uses the site to document and reflect encounters with nature, which is visually enthralling. Of an extensive checklist of flowers, about 70 have been photographed to date! Site by "zen sutherland" (***1/2) -SR
October 1, 1999 - On the Prairie: Prairie Resources and Games
Native prairies used to a major role in North America, but today less than 2% remain. This site by the University of Minnesota provides a Build-A-Prairie game (available in two models: shortgrass and tallgrass), the ability to watch the prairie change through the seasons, "curriculum goodies" and more. Short descriptions of 20 grasses and forbs are complemented with extensive descriptions of the animals in this important ecosystem. Built for elementary and high school students, it is well enough executed that beginning undergraduates should also enjoy it. (****) -SR

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