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To use the tuition estimator, fill out the information in the form below and click the Calculate button.

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Are you an undergraduate student that has been approved for an exemption from Flat Rate Tuition?
Hours Enrolled by Semester Fall Spring
Credit Hours
Program and Technology fees are charged at an hourly rate based on the college offering each course. If you know which colleges offer the courses you plan to take, you may enter the expected credit hours for each college below. If you don't know, you can skip this step, however this will result in the estimated cost being less than the actual cost. An additional $40 per credit hour fee is included on all undergraduate courses in Engineering, Earth and Energy, Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, Architecture and the Arts and Sciences departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology and Plant Biology, Health and Exercise Science, and Physics and Astronomy to fund faculty hiring, equipment investments, undergraduate research opportunities, and staffing support associated with the Norman Campus’ Lead On, University strategic plan.To see the rates for the college specific Program and Technology fees, please visit the tuition and fees page.
Hours Enrolled by College Fall Spring
Summary of Costs: Fall Spring
Tuition: $
Mandatory Hourly Fees: $
Mandatory Semester Fees: $
College Program & Technology Fees: $
Total Cost Calculated*: $

*Disclaimer:  This estimate is based on the information entered above. Costs for housing, food, books, and other personal expenses are not included. Current fees for the semester, as shown on the tuition and fees page, are subject to change. This estimate is based on current rates for Norman campus only. Prices for developmental courses, Liberal Studies courses, Extended Campus courses, and fixed rate programs will not be accurately reflected in this estimate. Course specific fees are not included. This is not a guarantee of future costs.