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Housing FAQ

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How Housing & Food Works at OU!

A short tour through the housing and food options at the University of Oklahoma. For more information, visit the OU Housing & Food Website at

Housing FAQ

The mission of OU Housing and Food Services is to bring life to the university community. We’re devoted to keeping students safe, secure and comfortable in their living environment, ensuring that they have a wide variety of dining options from which to choose and supporting the mission of the university to encourage students in their academic endeavors.

Yes! All freshman students must live in freshman-designated university housing for two semesters. First-year students who meet one of the eligible exceptions may apply for exemption on the housing portal when the first-year housing application becomes available. Exemption applications are reviewed by the University Housing Review Committee (the “UHRC”).

In order to request exemption from the freshman housing policy, at least one of the eligible exceptions listed below must be met by the first day of the month when classes begin. The University President is authorized to develop additional procedures and requirements as necessary to implement the purpose of this policy.

  1. Students who are 21 years old or older.
  2. Students who are married or have children.
  3. Students who have at least 24 hours of college credit from an accredited institution (concurrent, advanced placement or CLEP hours do not apply to this 24-hour requirement).
  4. Students who lived in University residence halls for two semesters.
  5. Students who lived in Cleveland or McClain counties during their senior year of high school and will continue living with their parent(s) or guardian(s) in these counties during their first year at the University of Oklahoma.
  6. Students with a verifiable financial, medical, or exceptional need that cannot be otherwise adequately addressed as determined by the UHRC.

Freshman students who meet one of the eligible exceptions may apply for exemption on the housing portal for review by the University Housing Review Committee (the “UHRC”). Students may begin applying for exemption when the first-year housing application becomes available.

Questions regarding the Regents’ policy and residency requirements should be directed to Housing & Food Services, (405) 325-2511 or

First-year students can request a single room on the housing application. Single room assignments are based on availability and not all requests are guaranteed.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their own housing application. If students have questions, they can contact the Housing office at (405) 325-2511. 

Students can make changes to their housing application until May 1. 

2023-2024 Freshman Residence Hall Rates

Suite Style (Couch and Walker Centers)
Double: $6,475/semester; $12,950/year
Single: $8,555/semester; $17,110/year

Community Style (David L. Boren Hall)
Double: $5,790/semester; $11,580/year
Single: $7,190/semester; $14,380/year

Super Suite (Couch and Walker Centers)
4 People: $6,475/semester; $12,950/year
3 People: $7,620/semester; $15,240/year
2 People: $8,615/semester; $17,230/year

Headington Hall
2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom (4 person): $7,715/semester; $15,430/year
4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom (4 person): $8,075/semester; $16,150/year
2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom (2 person): $8,795/semester; $17,590/year
2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom (2 person): $9,875/semester; $19,750/year

Cross Village
1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom: $10,825/semester; $21,650/year
2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom: $9,025/semester; $18,050/year
4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom: $8,440/semester; $16,880/year

Residential Colleges
Single: $8,915/semester; $17,830/year
Single with Bath: $10,210/semester; $20,420/year
Double: $6,535/semester; $13,070/year
Two Bedroom with Living: $9,165/semester; $18,330/year
Three Bedroom with Living and Bath: $9,395/semester; $18,790/year

For more information, visit OU Housing & Food's rates and requirements page.

Rates listed above are for the 2023-2024 academic year and include both room and board. Rates are subject to change per Regents' approval.

Room and Board is billed by the semester. Payment is due in full by September 25 for the fall semester and by January 25 for the spring semester.

No, if you are a freshman and will live on campus, you are not required to pay a deposit or advance rent payment. Students must pay their $250 enrollment deposit by May 1 to receive a housing assignment. Enrollment deposits can be paid at

Regular Meal Plans - $2,845/semester; $5,690/year

There are four basic freshman meal plans. Enhanced meal plans (listed below) may be purchased for an additional cost:

  • 12 Meals/Week & 250 Meal Plan Points/Semester
  • 10 Meals/Week & 400 Meal Plan Points/Semester
  • 8 Meals/Week & 550 Meal Plan Points/Semester
  • 6 Meals/Week & 750 Meal Plan Points/Semester

Enhanced Meal Plans - $3,145/semester; $6,290/year

Available at an additional cost:
  • 14 Meals/Week & 400 Meal Plan Points/Semester
  • 10 Meals/Week & 700 Meal Plan Points/Semester

For more information, visit OU Housing & Food's meal plan page.

Meal plan rates listed above, for both the semester and the year, are for the 2023-2024 academic year. Rates are subject to change per Regents' approval.

No, both students must be admitted to the university and have an active, complete housing application in order to request each other as a roommate. Students can make changes to their housing application and add a roommate until May 1.

All students will be asked to complete profile questions within the application. On the roommate request page, you will be able to browse for roommates based on specific profile questions. You will have suggested roommates you can choose from or you can choose to go potluck and Housing will use your profile answers to find your best match.

You will have until May 1 to complete your housing application and form your roommate pair. After you complete your housing application and submit your enrollment deposit, you will receive an assigned room selection access time to select your room. Housing room selection access times will be determined by your enrollment deposit date. Room selection access times will be sent to OU email addresses.

Specific move in details will be posted on the housing website once available. Additionally, students will be provided information regarding move-in and early arrival requests in their housing assignment letters.

No, parking is not included in on-campus housing rates. Vehicles must be registered with Parking and Transportation Services. Permits will be available for purchase beginning in July. Student permits are valid from August to June. For more information about permit rates, please visit

Safety is our top priority at the University of Oklahoma.

Building Entry

All residence halls are equipped with card access, which means your OU student ID will allow you to access your assigned floor and your assigned residence hall.

Your student ID will also give you access to the first-floor lobbies in other centers to use services such as computer labs and food services.

Fire Safety

Whenever the fire alarm sounds, you and all other occupants in the residence halls must evacuate the building and proceed to the designated alternate refuge area until you are notified that it is safe to return to your building or room. As you leave your room, close your door. Students who do not vacate the building during the sounding of the alarm will be subject to disciplinary action. Meet at the emergency evacuation safe location designated by your resident advisor.


Housing and Residence Life provides a complimentary service to accompany residential students anywhere on campus (north to south from Boyd St. to Lloyd Noble Center, west to east from Elm Ave. to S. Jenkins Ave.) from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sunday to Friday.

This service is staffed by trained resident advisors who are readily available to escort students on foot. To reach SafeWalk, call (405) 325-WALK (9255) or from the blue emergency phones. When using a blue phone, simply ask the OUPD dispatcher to connect you with SafeWalk. 


The University of Oklahoma also offers a free taxi service in and around Norman, Oklahoma, for OU students on certain nights. SafeRide provides safe and free transportation to OU students within the Norman city limits, no questions asked. Each student may request free, on-demand taxi SafeRides each weekend of operation.  SafeRide operates every weekend from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when OU is open and weather permitting. 

Weather Safety

Since Oklahoma weather can be severe and difficult to predict, it is important that you know which county you are in so that you can interpret forecasts and warnings provided by the media and other sources. The University of Oklahoma Norman campus is located in Cleveland County. In the case of severe weather, watches and warnings will be announced over the intercom system in all centers. Students should be aware of their surroundings at all times by checking weather bulletins and listening for the City of Norman severe weather sirens.

For more information and maps of best available refuge areas, visit the OU Emergency Preparedness website.

If you require an accommodation for your housing assignment, please contact the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center to arrange a confidential discussion regarding your need. You can contact the ADRC at (405) 325-3852 or The ADRC communicates approved accommodations to Housing & Residence Life, and only those accommodations approved by ADRC will be taken into consideration in the assignment process.

Have more specific questions on OU's housing application process? Visit OU Housing & Food's FAQ page.