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Master's Internship Program

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The University Counseling Center (UCC) is a department of the Division of Student Affairs, and is a Master’s internship training site as well as one of the doctoral internship training sites of the Oklahoma Health Consortium, (accredited by APA). The UCC has provided mental health services to the campus community for approximately 60 years. The innovative and service oriented UCC provides a full range of services and programs which promote clients' developmental and psychological well being. UCC staff members are strongly committed to creating an inclusive environment that values each unique individual, and to treating our clients with respect and compassion. The UCC has a strong commitment to maintaining close working relationships with other departments of the Division of Student Affairs, International Students Office, University Housing, and various other campus and community organizations.

The UCC offers individual, couples/partnered, and group counseling services, in addition to psychiatric services, which target a large and diverse campus population. The UCC also offers psychoeducational evaluations to determine the presence of ADHD and/or a learning disability. Clients may present to counseling with an array of concerns, such as anxiety, depression, sexual orientation, relationship issues, chemical abuse/ dependency, and other life adjustment concerns. The UCC also offers outreach services throughout the campus community and crisis services as needed. The UCC is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.


Hello and welcome potential intern applicant! We are so excited you are considering an internship with the University of Oklahoma Student Counseling Center (UCC)! We are committed to helping the development of professionals in counseling and we are dedicated to making your internship year valuable and unforgettable. Our team greatly values and enjoys the training process. We believe the internship is a crucial developmental period and we strive to make your internship year one that helps you meet the professional goals you have set for yourself.

Our mission at the UCC is to help you develop well-rounded clinical skills, a socially just and culturally inclusive mindset, ethical proficiency, more confidence and awareness of your professional identity. Our clinical staff have a diverse array of experiences, interests and training backgrounds, and we value attitudes of mutual respect, and constant collaboration in our work with each other and with our interns. We strive to embody these values as we prepare our interns to be meet their professional goals.  

It is incredibly important to find an internship site that is truly a good fit for you, one that prepares you for the transition from counseling student to professional counselor. We want to set our interns on the path towards a successful internship and a fulfilling career. In making your choice, we believe it is important to consider the training opportunities available to you and the staff you’ll be working alongside. To that end, please take some time to review our website. You can find information on what kind of training experiences to expect with an internship with the UCC. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better.