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APA Doctoral Internship Program

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The Oklahoma Health Consortium serves as a doctoral internship training site accredited by the American Psychological Association and is a participating member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). The doctoral intership in professional psychology is a comprehensive program that integrates didactic learning with clinical experience. The Oklahoma Health Consortium provides training for 5 full-time doctoral interns per academic year.


Hello and welcome potential intern applicant!

We are so excited you are considering an internship with the Oklahoma Health Consortium! The Oklahoma Health Consortium is unique in that we are comprised of two primary sites, OU University Counseling Center and OU Health Sciences Center Student Counseling Services. Interns are matched with one primary site and will then get the opportunity to complete a secondary rotation at the other primary site during their internship year. This provides interns with varied experiences working at different university counseling settings and with two distinct populations of students. In addition to your primary and secondary sites, interns also have the opportunity to chose from specific rotations offered at each site. We are committed to helping the development of professionals in psychology and we are dedicated to making your internship year valuable and unforgettable. Our team greatly values and enjoys the training process. We believe the internship is a crucial developmental period and we strive to make your internship year one that helps you meet the professional goals you have set for yourself.


Our mission at the Oklahoma Health Consortium is to help you develop well-rounded clinical skills, a socially just and culturally inclusive mindset, ethical proficiency, and more confidence and awareness of your professional identity. We strongly prioritize the professional careers of our interns by supporting them in building supervision skills, presentation skills and developing continued training experience. We provide supervision opportunities, involve interns in the APPIC interview process, provide professional development hours, and include interview and licensure preparation events. Additionally, every year interns work collaboratively to develop and implement a professional presentation for continuing education for the professionals in our community. Our clinical staff have a diverse array of experiences, interests and training backgrounds, and we value attitudes of mutual respect, and constant collaboration in our work with each other and with our interns. We strive to embody these values as we prepare our interns to meet their professional goals.


It is incredibly important to find an internship site that is truly a good fit for you, one that prepares you for the transition from psychology student to professional psychologist. We want to set our interns on the path towards a successful internship and a fulfilling career. In making your choice, we believe it is important to consider the training opportunities available to you, the place where you’ll be living for a year, and the staff you’ll be working alongside. To that end, please take some time to review our website. You can find information on what kind of training experiences to expect with an internship with the Oklahoma Health Consortium. We have also included an "About Norman/OKC Metro" tab for more information about what you can expect with a move to Oklahoma. Finally, we know and understand just how stressful it can be navigating the internship application process, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better.


Take Care,
The Clinical Training Committee