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The Sooner Standard

Sooner Standard

The Sooner Standard deadline to apply for the Fall 2022 semester is 11:59 pm on Friday, December 16, 2022.

Students completing 25 community service hours during the Fall 2022 semester are eligible for the Sooner Standard Award and will be honored with a graduation cord as a symbol of the impact they have made on the community upon graduation. Not graduating this semester? You’ll still receive the award and a cord when you graduate!

This award is in connection with the Oklahoma Standard, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum campaign, committee to promoting these three acts:

  • Service means giving your time to someone in need.
  • Honor the victims and survivors of the 1995 bombing.
  • No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

To log your volunteer hours, please complete the linked survey for each service activity and/or event. The deadline to submit hours is 11:59 pm on Friday, December 16, 2022. We will notify award recipients in December 2022. It is recommended that you keep track of the total number of hours logged for your own records. You may log hours retroactively; any volunteer hours acquired during the Fall 2021 semester will go toward your total. 

Questions? Contact Lauren Condry or Monica Goodwin.

Online Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering online lets you donate your time to a cause that matters to you, which means you can make a difference even if you can’t go physically go somewhere. We have included a list below of multiple sites that offer these opportunities. Please email us about any others you are aware of.

  • 7 Cups:
    • 7 Cups provides free, 24/7 emotional support to millions via online chat. They want to make sure nobody has to face their problems alone. Having someone like you to listen can be all it takes to make a real difference. All you need is an internet connection and to sign up for some training, and you can help provide emotional support to people!
  • Amnesty Decoders:
    • Operated by Amnesty International, this network of digital volunteers helps conduct research into global human rights violations. Volunteers have used their phones and computers to verify the location of oil spills, find evidence of drone strikes, and flag abusive tweets to women politicians in India.
  • Be My Eyes:
    • Be My Eyes is a free mobile app with one main goal: to make the world more accessible for blind and low-vision people. The app connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers and companies from all over the world through a live video call.
  • Catchafire:
    • This volunteer search tool is exclusively for online volunteer projects. Each one has a timeline that can range anywhere from an hour to a few weeks. So whether you have an afternoon or several, you can help not-for-profit with tasks like writing thank you letters or editing photos.
  • Crisis Text Line:
    • Here’s a perfect example of technology being used for good. Become a volunteer to help the Crisis Text Line continue to offer free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. If you’re at least 18 and can commit to volunteering four hours each week, you can apply to be trained for free.
    • DoSomething empowers young people to enact social change both online or off. Volunteer online through one of our campaigns to help solve real-world problems. DoSomething members have used the internet to successfully urge Apple to diversify their emojis, change the dictionary definition of “Black/black”, and create the largest crowdsourced anti-bullying guide.
  • National Park Service:
    • Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. With the help of volunteers and partners, they safeguard these special places and share their stories with more than 330 million visitors every year. Online volunteers can test, evaluate or develop elements of the NPS’s online presence.
  • Project Gutenburg:
    • Founded in 1971, this may just be the virtual volunteering effort that started it all. The goal is to create the largest digital library, and so far they’ve amassed 59,000 free eBooks. Volunteer by donating eligible materials, transcribing books into a digital form, or proofreading others’ work.
  • Red Cross:
    • During times of disaster, the Red Cross utilizes digital volunteers to monitor online discussions to find people who need help, and to share important updates on social media. If you are active on Facebook and Twitter, this could be a great opportunity for you.
  • Smithsonian Digital Volunteer:
    • The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex, but even they could use a little help sometimes. Help make their collections more accessible by volunteering online to transcribe historical documents or edit Wikipedia articles related to their artifacts and research.
  • Translators Without Borders:
    • For those fluent in more than one language, check out this nonprofit that combines language skills with humanitarian aid. Volunteers provide translations (10 million words a year!) to international organizations that focus on crisis relief, health and education.
  • United Nations Volunteering:
    • If you’re looking to take your online volunteering worldwide, this is the place to start. UNV connects you with organizations working for peace and development in need of skills like research, writing, art, and design. There are already over 12,000 volunteers from 187 countries lending their talents to organizations around the globe.
  • VolunteerMatch:
    • VolunteerMatch makes volunteering easy. They match people with causes, connecting millions of people with a place to volunteer. You can customize your search for your perfect online opportunity in both the USA and Canada in your field of interest.
  • Zooniverse:
    • Zooniverse is a platform for people-powered research that literally wouldn’t be possible (or practical) without the help of online volunteers. Spend as much or as little time as you’d like identifying endangered animals, classifying galaxy systems, or transcribing Shakespearean manuscripts.

If you are an outside organization looking for student volunteers, contact Lauren Condry.