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Student Stories: Addison McGinn

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Addison McGinn

What are your future plans?

I will begin an internal medicine residency here at OU-Tulsa starting in July. I hope to pursue a career in academic medicine!

Share an experience you had at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine that helped you determine your career goals.

I don't think there is one singular experience that helped to determine my career goals, but rather multiple encounters during my third-year clerkships that helped to outline my career trajectory.  In rotating through multiple specialities, working with and learning from both excellent physicians and awesome teachers I came to appreciate different attitudes and styles of practice I hope to someday emulate.

What were some of your favorite moments as a Tulsa Sooner?

So many of my favorite moments center on seemingly mundane time spent with my classmates. The smaller class size coupled with the mod system fostered a sense of collaboration that made medical school so fun. Class Thanksgiving, Hawaiian shirt Friday, the match week progressive dinner, and the pool party at Dean Herman's house stand out as some of my favorite memories.

Tell us about some of your favorite classes at the School of Community Medicine.

It’s a tie. I was really challenged by our Cardiac, Renal, and Respiratory course second year. I came to love the physiology and interplay between some of the most crucial organ systems. But I also really loved our Clinical Medicine course. It was one of the first times that I actually began to feel like a real doctor and came to appreciate the importance of a strong therapeutic alliance when managing patients.