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Summer Semester

Three students walking on the University of Oklahoma's Norman campus, with buildings and trees in the background.
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Summer Semester

The summer semester at the University of Oklahoma provides you with a unique opportunity to get ahead, stay on track or catch up while still enjoying some downtime.

Students may enroll in up to 9 hours of summer courses (course restrictions may apply) to help ease fall and spring semester course loads. Many are able to get into that “always full” required course during the summer semester, while others appreciate being able to singularly focus on a difficult subject. You also can choose to pursue special topics during the summer — like Study Abroad, intensive study and practicum experiences — that may not easily fit into fall or spring course schedules.

Most summer classes are online or held on campus in smaller classrooms, allowing students and faculty to enjoy more informal interactions in a relaxed environment. In addition, during the summer months, all students may live on campus, where friendships are formed, programming and activities are provided, and easy parking is available. Understanding that you look forward to a slower pace during summertime, OU’s intensive accelerated summer course schedule allows you to earn quick credit hours while providing ample time for enjoying summer downtime and fun.

Taking just one class every summer allows many students to graduate one semester sooner than planned!