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FAFSA Verification

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FAFSA Verification

Important: Submit verification and tax documents only upon request – students are initially notified via email if selected for verification review.

FAFSA Central Processing System selects approximately 26% of all annual applications to be verified and is required of the University by state and federal regulations. This is how the US Department of Education ensures accuracy of reported data and that financial aid funds are offered only to qualified applicants.

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Selected for verification? The University of Oklahoma uses an automated verification program called ProVerify, powered by ProEd, which allows students to complete verification requirements from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. 

Should you be randomly selected for verification you will receive notification on your Student Aid Report (SAR), under the Financial Aid tab at, and via email. The University, through ProVerify communications, will ask you to provide documentation to confirm the information on your FAFSA.

When selected for verification, your participation is mandatory. Your signature on the FAFSA signifies your agreement to provide proof of your application information. You will not be eligible for federal, state, or certain institutional funds until the verification process is complete.

There are significant changes between forms for different years. Please pay attention to which form(s) you are using so that you do not fill out the incorrect form for the incorrect year.