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July 2, 2020

Important News About Data Migration from OrgSync to ENGAGE

OrgSync (OS) has been updated and upgraded to the ENGAGE platform! You can now access it by visiting and logging in with your OU credentials. Student Affairs and the Office of Student Government and Organizations Services are excited for you to experience the new look, tools, and features that are offered in ENGAGE.

Update URLs

Since your OrgSync URLs will no longer be valid, you should make sure to replace those links on your website or any important documentation. This will ensure that the community is still able to view events, forms, files, news posts, and more.

Access in ENGAGE

All OS portals have now migrated to a new ENGAGE page and each page has an assigned Primary Contact. Here is a link to the role of the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact was determined from the OS portal in this order:

1.    Primary Contact was the newest administrator for the OS portal; or

2.    If there were no administrators or one had not been assigned in the portal, the newest member of the portal became the Primary Contact; or

3.    If all else fails, I become your Primary Contact.

If you need assistance with changing the Primary Contact information, please contact that person listed in that position or email me at after July 13, 2020.

Each organization can only have one primary contact, but additional users can be assigned to positions in order to ensure their level of access is appropriate. For more information about creating positions in each organization page, please visit this link.

Archiving Forms 
Now that your forms have been migrated into ENGAGE, you will want to look through your forms lists and decide if any of them need to be archived or set on a different visibility setting (Please note that if a form is live, it will be in the main explore list for all of the community to see OR it can be hidden from the main list but still shared. For more information on the Forms feature in ENGAGE, please visit this link).

To archive a form:

1.    Visit your forms list from the manage view within the organization (Note: you must have the right permission to archive forms).

2.    Click on the checkbox to the left of the form name and then click the "Archive" button. This will help you better manage your current forms while retaining data from your past forms. 

To set a different visibility setting:

1.    Visit your forms list from the manage view within the organization (Note: you must have the right permission to archive forms).

2.    On the right-hand column, there are two choices:

a.    Featured in Explore Forms – Click on this if you want the OU community to see the form in main list; or

b.    Hide from Explore Forms – this will only create a link for the form but will not make it visible in the main form list.

c.    If you do not choose either option, the form will still be in the main list but just not featured.

Lastly, I would encourage you to do the following before the start of the fall semester: 

·       Update your organization profile photo to make it more welcoming to potential new members.

·       Put your organization’s officers into positions

·       Review and adjust, if needed, the visibility settings on your documents and photo albums

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at or the ENGAGE support team at

June 20, 2020

ENGAGE: Student Engagement Platform

OrgSync Becomes ENGAGE on 7/1/20

This new organization platform is streamlined for easy use yet contains numerous new features for major impact. As part of a continued effort to provide you with the tools you need to be successful at the University of Oklahoma, we are excited to announce that we will be moving from OrgSync to ENGAGE as our student engagement solution this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many of the best features of OrgSync have been incorporated into the new and improved platform and several key improvements will enable you to comprehensively manage your involvement outside the classroom, manage organization registration and management, apply for and spend SGA funds, elections, and more!

What's happening to OrgSync?

  • OrgSync will go offline on June 30, 2020.
  • If there is any information you might need access to during the transition, I encourage you to download and save the data to your own device or online storage system BEFORE June 30.
  • ENGAGE will go live July 1, 2020.
    • At that time, users can access the new system at and sign-in using their campus sign-in credentials.
    • Please note, during your first sign-in you may be asked to update your user profile information.
  • All Registered Student Organizations will have access to their pages at this time as well.
    • Please note: Organization contacts will be asked to re-register their organizations and complete new ENGAGE forms during the first 4 weeks of classes in the fall semester. Full details about this will come soon.
  • Existing OrgSync organization and user information will be transferred to ENGAGE including:

What information will be migrated to the new platform?

  • Basic User Information (name, email, etc.)
  • Branch and organization information (organization name, description, status, social media links)
  • Primary organization contacts (and/or officers)
  • Organization rosters and current memberships
    • Pro tip: It would be a good idea to encourage students to update their member list under the People tool in OrgSync prior to migration to ensure an accurate roster upon migration.
  • Past memberships
  • Past and future events
    • All event occurences are brought over as individual events
    • Event title, image, description, location, totaly RSVPs allowed, visibility, organization hosting, status, date, start and end times
    • If there are any existing RSVPs for upcoming events, they will not be migrated. This could allow for new users to RSVP compared to what was there previously.
  • Event Attendance (user attended, user who swiped them in, event name, status, event attendance creation date)
    • It is important to note that event hours will not be brought over and self-reported involvement (manually submitted involvement entries) is not brought over because those hours are not tied to a specific event occurrence.
  • Forms + Form Submissions
    • Form submissions with an approved, denied and pending status will migrate. Form submissions that have been re-opened will not migrate as they are not a complete submission.
    • Form submissions with a deferred status will migrate as pending since deferred is not a status utilized in the new program.
    • Forms with User Submitted Reviewers will migrate as text fields. This will not notify the individual, but the email will still be visible.
    • Contact information question types will migrate as multiple questions with the appropriate validation.
    • Administrative Reviewers do not migrate. Reviewers will need to be re-added to the forms after data migration.
    • User submitted reviewers will migrate as text fields.
    • Visibility Settings will migrate (once your forms have been migrated, you will want to double check the visibility settings).
  • Files/Documents
    • All files will come over and will respect the flder that a file belonged to in OrgSync.
    • Only the current version of the file will migrate over. All past versions will not migrate.
    • Visibility settings will not migrate over and will need to be updated post-migration.
  • Photo Albums
    • Name of the album
    • Photos go into the appropriate album
    • Photo album cover
    • Visibility settings will not migrate over and will need to be updated post-migration

What happens next?

  • Keep an eye on your email for additional updates including fall training dates on how to best use the new ENGAGE system.
  • Watch a training on Engage to get familiar with the tools it offers.
  • Make sure that all current portal Administrators and Officers are updated. This can be done under the People tab of each portal by clicking on the profile and then on Manage. This is important because all migration and training information will be filtered to Admins and Officers. 
  • Update membership rosters by removing people who are no longer a part of the group and adding those that need to be each in portal. 
  • DON’T PANIC – I am here to assist you through the process. If you have any immediate questions, please contact me through OrgSync messaging or email me at After the migration, I will still have access to OrgSync in case we need to retrieve any data.