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Pre-Award Team Contact List

Pre-Award Team Contacts

Proposal Services (PS) and Award Administration (AA) Contacts

Your PS and AA contacts each serve researchers from a designated part of the alphabet (last name of PI) and will remain constant as often as possible; however, there are occasions due to leave, training, or proposal overload when you may work with a different person. PS staff assist with proposal budgets, internal routing for permission to submit, and submissions. AA staff negotiate agreements/contracts, set up award accounts, and process modifications to awards/agreements.

Submitting an InfoSheet is the first step in the proposal submission process and is what puts the proposal in the ORS system queue. PS staff will normally contact you within one business day after receipt of the form. Submitting an InfoSheet early allows more time for ORS to provide better support.

Alpha & other Assignments

Proposal Services

Alpha & other Assignments

Award Administration

A – C


Special Projects


Bonnie VanWinkle


X 5-6140


A – D


Cathi Parker

X 5-4808


E - H


Bruce Poteet


X 5-3903


E – I

Joe Johnson

X 5-5246

I – L


Bonnie VanWinkle


X 5-2244


J – M

Melissa Foster


D, M – Q


Debbie Bergman   


X 5-6054


N – R

Jen Hays

X 5-5340

R – S


Wendy Kent


X 5-9368


S – V



X 5-9029

T – Z

Kaylea Jameson (

X 5-6131



W – Z

SPTC, ODOT, Subcontracts, Consortia



X 5-6061

ORS staff do not have voicemail; email is the preferred contact method (or submit an info sheet).  If you have a general question, you can email or  You can also call our office at 325-4757 or 325-3902, where you will be connected with an available contact, or you can leave a message for a specific staff member.