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Sooner Innovation Fund

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Sooner Innovation Fund

Fear No Failure: Up to $5000 to Test Your Idea

Wealth generating ideas are no good sitting inside your head; let us help you put them to work. The Tom Love Center for Entrepreneurship announces the return of the Sooner Innovation Fund for Fall 2018.

Sooner Innovation Fund: grants ranging from $500-$5,000 helping transform your idea into reality. The guided 10-week proof of concept program tests the feasibility and marketability of your idea, product, or service – helping lay a firm foundation for future launch.

We invite all students, regardless of background: technological innovators, product creators, social pioneers, and creative artrepreneursto start your entrepreneurial journey. Time to turn ideas into market disrupting products and services for the future of your family, friends, and community. 

Fear no failure and throw your hat into the ring of entrepreneurship. The online application can be finished in less than 10 minutes.

Apply to the Sooner Innovation Fund by August 31, 2018

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