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OU Tops 2018 CPA Exam Pass Rates in Big 12

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OU Tops 2018 CPA Exam Pass Rates in Big 12

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The University of Oklahoma’s Michael F. Price College of Business was named first in the Big 12 for the highest rate of first-time CPA exam pass rates for universities, according to a report released by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. At a pass rate of 82 percent, Price College students fared better than other schools in the conference by at least 7 percent. Baylor University followed OU with a pass rate of 75 percent, with Texas Christian University and the University of Texas tied at 71 percent. The national CPA average pass rate is 55 percent.

Price College’s Steed School of Accounting is consistently ranked among the top in the nation by Public Accounting Report at both the undergraduate and graduate level for programs of its size.

“Price College’s Steed School of Accounting continues its climb among the nation’s great programs in terms of research, teaching and student readiness for the professional workforce,” said Price College of Business Dean Daniel Pullin.

“Our world-class faculty work arm-in-arm with aspiring students to generate valuable insights that can be deployed into practice upon graduation. OU’s rise to the top of the Big 12 emphasizes our commitment to attracting and propelling the accounting leaders necessary for this industry which, in many ways, is the bedrock of our financial system.”

Wayne Thomas, division director at the Steed School of Accounting, underscored the impact of faculty on student success.

 “Our faculty are incredibly dedicated to creating an innovative learning environment for students,” said Thomas. “The number of students engaged in action learning centers, experiential programs, study abroad opportunities, internships and other professional development activities continues to rise. When you bring together award-winning faculty and great students, it’s not surprising to see the success our students are seeing.”

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