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Student Resources and Scholarships

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Student Resources and Scholarships

Student Organization

Management Information Systems Student Association (MISSA) is very active with recruiters.

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Academic Advising

Academic Counselors at Price College serve approximately 3,000 students by teaching them to successfully navigate through university requirements and college policies/procedures.

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MIS Scholarships

For the past decade, the MIS division has engaged in obtaining scholarship funding for our students. Many corporations, foundations, and individuals, including MIS alumni, have contributed generously.  In 2019, 85 students received scholarships ranging from $1000-5000.

In 2020 several organizations made donations. These include Accenture, American Fidelity Assurance, ConocoPhillips, , Hobby Lobby, Love's, ONE Gas, ONEOK, Paycom, Phillips 66, Pioneer Natural Resources and Valero. In addition, several foundations, such as American Fidelity Foundation, Schwarzkopf Memorial, and MIS alumni, including Pioneer Natural Resources Alumni contributed generously. 

The process works as follows:  Every year, in the Fall semester, the MIS division starts a scholarship drive requesting corporations and individuals to donate to scholarship funds for our students for the subsequent year.  Students apply for these funds and the MIS division scholarship committee develops a short-list of candidates from the applicant pool.  Representatives from donor organizations and the MIS scholarship committee interview this set of students in the Spring semester.  Students are selected and notified of their award by late Spring.  In the subsequent Fall semester, a nice MIS Banquet honoring our students is held that is attended by about 200 people including donors, students, friends and family. Students are recognized for their achievements and receive their scholarship certificate directly from representatives of the donor organizations that provided the funding.

All MIS students can apply for scholarships through the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH)

Visit the Scholarships Office