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Undergraduate Program in Management Information Systems (BBA-MIS)

Program Description

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The Undergraduate program in MIS provides a strong foundation and knowledge to apply information technologies to empower organizations.  It is perfect for students who can work with information technology and interact with people to deliver successful outcomes in an organization. The program will help students understand fundamentals of information technology, learn to apply it to solve business problems, and add value in ways that could not have been done without the use of data and information. 

Students will develop skills in programming, database design and use, systems analysis & design, spreadsheet modeling and analysis, enterprise systems, project management, and cybersecurity.  Course work will include hands-on experiences in working with technology.  Students will also gain a good understanding of management principles and learn to work in a project team, understand business objectives, decide and develop technology solutions.  Coursework includes a field project where students work with a real-world organization.  At the culmination of the program, student will have acquired a good foundation and working knowledge of technologies, along with the ability to apply these skills to add value to organizations.


General Requirements

All students must satisfy the requirements for the business undergraduate program as prescribed by the college.

For more course information, please refer MIS Division Course Catalog (PDF)

MIS Major Requirements – Students have to complete 18 credit hours of course work from the following courses, each comprising three credit hours:

MIS 3013Introduction to Programming
MIS 3033Non-Procedural Programming
MIS 3353Databases
MIS 4663MIS Field Project

Pick other courses from the list maintained by the division.  The current list consists of:

MIS 3213Business Data Analysis
MIS 3373Systems Analysis/DesignTheory
MIS 3383Electronic Business
MIS 4013E-Commerce Web Design
MIS 4313Introduction to Business Analytics
MIS 4363Business Infrastructure & CyberSecurity
MIS 4433Project Management
MIS 4710Topics in MIS
MIS 4960Directed Reading in MIS

For further information contact Ms. Ashlen Grob ( in undergraduate advising