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Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies

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Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies

Program Description

The University of Oklahoma currently offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MIS), a Master of Science in MIT, an MIS concentration for Master of Business Administration students and a PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in MIS. A Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies complements these programs by providing an additional opportunity for individuals to obtain a formal graduate experience in MIT. The Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies is intended to impart critical information technology and development skills to individuals with no prior formal training in MIT.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies provides an educational opportunity for those with a specific interest in the core MIT coursework, but do not wish to complete the full MS in MIT. Further, this program serves as a focus for those students matriculating in business or non-business OU graduate degree program who would benefit from a facility with information technology and using IT to solve problems and make decisions.

For further information contact Calon-Nicole Gunter-Cox at

Degree Checksheet



MIT 5602
Management Information Systems

Additional Courses to Meet a Total of 12 credit hours:

MIT 5032Analytics Programming 1 (R)
MIT 5970Analytics Programming 2 (Python)
MIT 5612Database Design and Administration
MIT 5662Project Management
MIT 5682Business Data Analysis
MIT 5692E-Business Architecture (ERP)
MIT 5702Social Analytics
MIT 5732Managing Business Intelligence
MIT 5742Data Science and Analytics
MIT 5752Cloud Computing and Distributed File Systems
MIT 5772Principles of Data Warehousing
MIT 5822Healthcare Information Technologies
MIT 5832Healthcare Information Systems
MIT 5762Enterprise Modeling
MIT 5782Advanced Database Management
MIT 5970Health Analytics

Program Notes

  •         MIT 5612 or MIT 5772 must be completed before enrollment in MIT 5732.
  •         Students have up to 5 years to complete the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies.